Public Datasets on Safe Network

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Its not sexy

Data is sexy <3

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Lots of LinkedData, he’s a new one:


Lets put Annas Archive on the network.


This just turned into a priority. Obviously we can’t yet due to nobody having tokens… But what a way to seed the network


Millions of research papers at risk of disappearing from the Internet

An analysis of DOIs suggests that digital preservation is not keeping up with burgeoning scholarly knowledge.

By * Sarah Wild

Old documents and books stored on shelves in a library's archive.

A study identified more than two million articles that did not appear in a major digital archive, despite having an active DOI.Credit: Anna Berkut/Alamy

More than one-quarter of scholarly articles are not being properly archived and preserved, a study of more than seven million digital publications suggests. The findings, published in the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication on 24 January1, indicate that systems to preserve papers online have failed to keep pace with the growth of research output.


I had never heard of this site before. Thanks for sharing. 873TB, that’s a lot of nanos.

Well I wouldnt think any single user would pay for that… Depending on the cost of data I guess lol… its yet to be known.