Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)

Last week I had a video talk first with Nick, then last monday with David and Viv, and the day after with Krishna. Without going into detail, we discussed some of the things I was still missing in the API for the full set of Project Decorum features and made arrangements for closer contact and feedback in the future. It probably won’t be necessary any more for me to release the modified safe_core and safe_launcher code with my own custom API, so that allows me to focus solely on the app code, which is good news.

One of the things I implemented myself was a function and API endpoint to send StructuredData of a chosen type_tag to a particular public ID, which can also function as a coin transaction. I implemented a very crude wallet for a test Clike coin using that, which seems to work as intended, though I haven’t exhaustively tested all edge cases so far. It was pretty cool to experience that vaults already supported this! It goes in the freezer for now, until there is an equivalent API endpoint available. So back to developing core social media functionality again it is!

As for interviews, I very much hope to be able to give a Project Decorum presentation at in december. I assume it will be recorded and uploaded.