Privacy and Crypto Currency are Hot

Project SAFE is poised to surf a wave…

Bitcoin had a great year by these metrics:

Meanwhile a $7,500 kickstarter project for a $45 Tor Router just raised $300,000:

EDIT: thanks @hamiltino for pointing out this project has been suspended as it was not all it seemed. I must admit I wondered why someone would take this approach to using Tor! What the funding success demonstrates is that people want security and anonymity.


This made me think, it will be great when we see the first SAFEcoin branding alongside Bitcoin on these ATM’s.

Then I thought, wait a minute…SAFEcoin doesn’t have a logo that I know of? I hope it’s not that penrose triangle.


I vote for a mobius ring :slight_smile:


This is easily fixed. Actually I’ve been working on this. I AM an artist after all. Took the little icon in the top left and have been playing around with it. But I have a couple different ideas. And if you have any other concepts let me know.

I was thinking along the same lines when I looked at the logo here on .org the tri colours, but in a ring…might be a little busy though…but yes definitely a ring/circular I’d imagine…calling Shona :wink:

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Can you also make some concept art with the letter “S” as the shape/theme?
Most logos are easily recognized by the first letter in their name.

Bitcoin has a “B”
Litecoin has a “L”
Dogecoin has a “D”

And it’s easy to identify for most people.

@dirvine, I thought we already had a logo which was the blue and gray “S” dot over the “i” in the word Safecoin? Anyway, would be nice to see other options in addition to the mobius ring. We could try putting an S shape inside the mobius ring…

There’s some promotional scope for being creative and classy with this via CG, animated gif, 3D printing etc

A matching font might make the SAFEcoin branding complete. I have an acquaintance that does fonts full time i.e he obsesses over kerning all day long…I could see if he’s interested in contributing if a new font becomews desirable.



Don’t even think about it :smile:

Creative possibilities, by Torolf Sauermann

oh my… goose bumps over goose bumps…you are gonna driving away those guys out of SAFE who has trypophobia…

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Good chance to be different, for a paradigm changing technology.

I’d rather see a mathematically generated image with ‘SAFEcoin’ underneath, with a brand new font created for the job…a kerning that invokes maths and safety/warmness.

Lets be bold and reflect the awesomeness of the network…this could even be turned into a competition for design students. Who wants the status of designing the logo for the next internet…would look pretty good on the CV

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Not to fret mate, merely showing the limitless possibilities of bytes and brains :slight_smile:

Well also need to consider the symbol ($, £, €).

A simple one would be similar to dollar, an S, but with a small c straddling the centre rather than the vertical lines.

We should aim from a symbol that is distinct, recognizable, and easy to write, as well as easily associated with the word Safecoin and any branding.

I see @chrisfostertv suggests the logo be non alphabetic, but there may be good reason why the convention has been as it is, so we should test anything that breaks with that before assuming it’ll be OK.

I wonder how an unfamiliar symbol would affect recognition, ability to write, uniformity etc.


We have used this in the past, surprisingly :wink:

Safecoin does have a logo ( as @dyamanaka pointed out. This is by no means set in stone, as it was created rather quickly for the crowd sale. Many of the ideas look innovative and worth exploring, the only thing I’ll say is that design by committee never works well in my experience. Just something for us to bear in mind.


ummm No! that is not a logo, it’s a few coloured letters.

A minimum of thought was put into this area and fair enough.

But why not turn an oversight into a worldwide competition for prestige.

Who would not want, to be the designer of the logo for the worlds premium crypto currency on Internet 2?

Seriously? This is a marketers dream.


Yes I do like the idea Chris, let me think about the logistics and I’ll revert back via this thread.


If you’re refering to what I’m working on you’re free to comment on the thread itself. It IS a work in progress and I am just throwing ideas together. A few coloured letters indeed. Where do you think logos come from in the first place? They come from shapes and letters and then you take them and play with them and pick the ideas you like.

And if you’re not then what ARE you referring to? Maidsafe is pretty scant for graphics in the first place which is why I’m creating them. And you’re right this is a marketer’s dream. And I’m fully going to make use of that.

With respect, I made the initial observation that SAFEcoin did not appear to have a logo…which seems to have inspired you to create a new thread to chart the progress of your entry:

So I think a competition for graphic designers to design a logo would be a great way to gain some more publicity…at least 2 press releases and a chance to raise awareness in the digital agency space at the least

I was thinking along the same lines and posted some images that demonstrate, just how advanced graphics are these days.

I also like the idea of something that can be turned into tangible/memorable and a mobius ring does meet that criteria for bling cred…but in no way needs to be the only image for SAFEcoin. I also see the chance to create a brand new font that identifies the ‘coin’ …I know a guy that kerns all day long, that hit home for me, just how important that area has become for differentiation.

This version of Bitcoin looks to have created a font for the job:

Whereas, this guy looks like he’s meeting demand for those instant alt coin scripts, by providing templates

…and then you can launch the ‘Noodly Appendage Coin’ :smile:

The simple/clean reverse contrast icons look fit for purpose:

So yes, was not talking about your offering as the comment preceded your post


  • 100 great idea, we could think of some kind of prize that would be suitable as well. I realise we are weak at marketing when you look at some other projects, I kinda like that though :slight_smile: I do like professionalism though and to be as professional as possible with the image (I am personally rubbish at this). Brilliant idea though to create a competition and we can all vote for it on here I would presume.

I kind of was thinking that when you mentioned using that ant mobius…but bit my tongue :smile:

Maybe the field could be narrowed by a group of respected designers in the space, they could choose say a top 10 and award their #1 with a peer award. Then the community could make the ultimate choice(s) from that list.

The brief could include requirement for a range of digital assets that are fit for purpose, including physical reproduction as bling or other memorabilia.

I would think the rights for all assets submitted would be assigned to the appropriate open licence.

Looking ahead, if there are other digital requirements that are foreseen, the opportunity would be there to use this effort to source them.

I trust @shona is still working on that wee plane for the next Tshirt design…the current T turned out a treat on the light grey background.

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I apologize. I overreacted. Tho the links to all the different projects is interesting.