Perspectives about Project SAFE from across the world?

Hello forum readers, active or lurking.

First, I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful support for my podcasting efforts. The validation and encouragement have helped a lot.

The interview with Chris Tipper ( Stream Ep07, A Different Perspective, Chris Tipper by Technology & Choice, and SAFE Crossroads podcasts | Listen online for free on SoundCloud ) has been so well received that I realized something. Project SAFE is truly a global, all-people endeavor, involving a lot of different sorts, from all kinds of cultures. What’s more, we envision the network to impact everyone on the planet, one way or another.

I’d really like to get a pulse from other segments of humanity from all parts of the planet. Perspectives might be very different or not. I’d love to know whether someone looking into SAFE from a very different culture has similar interests, or if they’re different. Either side of it would be educational to us all.

Per the stats on SoundCloud for the podcast, the bulk of listens are from the US, followed by UK, Canada, Australia. Nothing too surprising there. What is surprising is that Indonesia comes in a consistent 5th, above any other countries. There has GOT to be something interesting to know about that.

That’s just one example, just from the SoundCloud stats.

I don’t know who lurks here on the forum, and I don’t know who posts that has more to say. But I’m reaching out.

I’ve already had one person reach out to me with some interesting perspectives from an interesting background. You’ll get more on that soon.

Please feel free to private message me here on the forum. You won’t necessarily be cornered for a podcast interview. That’s up to you and me both as to whether it’s desirable or appropriate. But I would love your feedback. Your anonomous status will remain confidential if you desire. I’m mainly looking for data.

There is a community here that is potentially making history. I’d like to document at least a bit of it.

By the way, that’s not to say that all interesting perspectives exist outside of the top English-speaking countries, as Chris Tippers story shows. So the invite is open to anyone, of course.


Yes you do a great job with podcasts.

Aare you able to distinguish how many of the USA, UK hits are from VPNs ? I would hazard a guess that there is a number from other countries like China. Even in Australia many are turning to VPNs to minimise the surveillance (on all communications data) done by our Government


Thank you.

No, don’t have that data, but it is an interesting thought.

Hi @fergish

You could use Cloudflare for analytic, ddos protect and FREE ssl (I can help you set it up later or this is how it’s done). Hmmm maybe cloudflare only show unique page views. The MAGICWORD also gives some analytics. Here is how the magic word works for those who listen, but didn’t know.

First you need a wallet from

Second signup for

Another analytic tool is mixingpanel it’s FREE (I’m to busy now to explain how that works or check out). Maybe you should warn you listeners that your using analytics…

Keep the great podcast coming, I’ll donate 0,0222 BTC every time I got the change too. :kissing_heart: from the Netherlands



Thanks Eddy,

I’m all set with LTB and SoundCloud. That’s the main stats I get. Don’t have as much traffic to my site, directly, so not sure what CloudFlair would do for me.

Thanks for your back up, and the BTC bits have been much appreciated.

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