People are missing something about Ajit Pai's plan

Under the plan to kill free speech on the net
a private monopoly provider can censor you as an end user not just a business through throttling as long as it publically reserves the right to do this in its fine print you will have no recourse. It can do anything it wants as long as it is open about its discrimination, profiling spying etc.

So here is what will happen:
“We reserve the right to throttle indefintely without notice permanently on suspicion and without refund any customer we suspect of using any peer to peer service which we know in theory and in practice will lead to lost profit for our unnecessary gouging privacy violating toll road, we can do this through profiling and we can do it at random, any use of our service means you waive all rights”

Suspected of using SAFE and you are locked out of the internet unless you move to the other coast or expatriate and if you move to the other coast the other reamaining provider will discover you and lock you out.

If they can silence you they effectively take away all your rights as your rights become fictions over night for lack of use and no way to enforce them. We have to get it through these people’s heads that we are not property and their money and money grubbing will never, ever be allowed to change that. What kind of people propose this type of refuse in the first place? Talk about danger to society. We’re just going to silence the whole world and use profit and our greed and personal gain as an excuse?



SOMEWHERE in the world they will allow it (and profit heavily) and from there it will only spread, country by country as the world sees how amazing freedom is, and people demand it.

Countries will see how much money is being made and eventually use it for their benefit.

Also… Cubesats / p2p networks. Full stop :slight_smile:

Nothing can ever control the entirety of the universe forever


Haha just realized how old your post was.

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