OneDrive Unlimited Storage with Microsoft

A high profile company offering an substitute product for free. With Microsoft essentially giving unlimited storage space away, the likely consequence will be Microsoft will be able to grab the vast majority of legitimate users and Safecoin could be relegated to a giant mirror for pirated movies.

Unless another use for safecoins can be found, I’ve just lost great deal of money. I would guess many of you would be in the same boat as me, though probably not quite as F###ed as I am. :frowning:

I think the only remaining possibility would be if the Safecoin network were capable of hosting Web Pages. This would allow Safecoin to operate within a niche market outside the infinite grasp of Microsoft.


And a whole lot more, I would not worry about privacy leaking companies making such offers for your data. SAFE network is very mistakenly seen as only a dropbox, that is so far from the truth. I tell people it is akin to us designing a Lamborghini and people saying wow a way to carry luggage :smiley:


Thank you for that re-assurance. I sincerely hope you are correct although I haven’t seen any mention of such capability from the site nor roadmap nor reddit.

SAFE is a secure structured / un-structured data network, so communications, data manipulations, currency and much more should be mentioned in a lot of places. Think dynamo/hadoop/cassandra/nosql etc. it’s all available and being demo’d via the testnets. Storing static data is a small but important part.


“Substitute product?” If this is an honest post, and you are actually worried that any support of SAFE has been reduced, then I have great news for you.

OneDrive uses centralized servers (single technical point of failure), its controlled by a single corporate entity (single legal point of failure). As you can learn in far more detail on this site, MaidSafe solves both of these problems.

OneDrive is in no way a substitute product for MaidSafe, and this in no way reduces the value of any SAFEcoins you may have purchased.


In which case, I must thank you all for taking the time to educate my ignorant self. :smile:


Its also not free :smiley: in many ways.

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Glad to help. SAFE is a great concept in so many ways. One of the best ways is that it returns autonomy to end users. Thats not something that any centralized corp, like Microsoft, is ever gonna do.


Microsoft strikes me as dead. Windows 8 was the single worst computing experience I’ve ever had. They’ve destroyed their Xbox brand. Windows Enterprise and Azure don’t seem that great. Office isn’t worth continuing to pay for. Wall St. got a hold of MS. Free storage for watching ads?


Well its not exactly free aswell, you need to be an office 365 subscriber which is 12 dollars a month.

Also the safecoin itself has value when you just look at its properties; anonymous, no tx fees, no confirmations, no bloat and backed by data.

Microsoft offering free mass storage? That’s like them offering you a Stepford Wife: she seems perfect except she’s a robot that reports your every movement to the government. I’ll take my privacy please.


I sense an opportunity to use One Drive to farm SafeCoin… Thoughts?

Now that is a good thought, but wouldn’t you need API level access to the one drive server?

There is no such as something for nothing and I don’t see how it is sustainable. Infinite space will come at a cost and it may just end up being a bait and switch.

  • MaidSafe is so much more…

Wonder what would happen if lots of people signed up and endlessly filled it with crap, like NSA testimony to Congress and copies of Windows 8…


That’s not entirely accurate, but it does represent an interesting puzzle to those who thought MaidSafe givaways will attract Average Joe looking to store his MP3’s online.

As others mentioned there are many other possibilities.

While OneDrive is controlled by a single entity, it most certainly doesn’t have a single point of failure.
It’s also true that it most likely cannot withstand as many failures as MaidSafe, it’s a point that won’t sway the Average Joe either way.

The key will be to create a good behaving product which can host a variety of useful and unique 3rd party apps.

Sorry, perhaps I should centralized points of vulnerability. Microsoft has the money to set up enough back-ups that I wouldn’t as a practical matter worry about them losing my data. My concern would be who has access, and the ability of bad actors to gain access through a single point, which is what I meant by single point of failure.

I think a big difference for Average Joe will be a few things.

At first glance, they’ll trust Microsoft more than MaidSafe, and understandably so.

“Wait… my movies and music… are on some STRANGERS computer?”

That’s probably the first thing. But that’s not a huge deal. People said the same thing about online commerce and Facebook. That’ll happen with time, but only assuming that the network stays secure and doesn’t embarrass itself. Bitcoin needed years and years to prove it’s security model.

If they’re both established and functioning well, and both have decent interfaces, people will shift over to Maidsafe. It just makes more sense.

A huge difference that’s been well traversed here is also that OneDrive will never allow their system to be a platform for storing websites and public data. The bandwidth will hurt them. Maidsafe is specifically being made for this purpose, so that’ll be a huge advantage.

Then, of course, the monetizing. Every get-rich-quick clown will dive on that, for better or worse.