Omniwallet issue help please

Just sent some maid from omni which apparently was succesfull because it said:

Your transaction has been submitted You may check its status here

But when i click on the link which is blockchain link to my maidsafe address it does not show any transaction. Omni says that my transaction is unconfirmed but to me it looks like it wasn’t even sent.

The receiving address on the other end is shapeshift and i checked the address which is empty

Does omni not send transaction automatically? please help

How long ago? You may need to wait up to 30 minutes I suspect. Bitcoin isn’t very fast at times. I do not know if omni has any delays in processing your request. I suggest to be patient, it will likely all work out within an hour or so.

There’s no concept of resending anything.
If it doesn’t appear within 30-60min, it may have failed.
You may need to retry.

Last time i did a transfer it was brodcasted to the network instantly.

My balance has been emptied so im not sure how i could retry. Thank for your help though

was over an hour ago put the address in there, that will show the MAID


I agree with MrAnderson - you can’t see MAIDSAFE without special software that looks at the address. If you sent to Shapeshift, then I would expect that it will show up on their system when they are happy with some particular number of confirmations, but until then try MrAnderson’s suggestion.

When i enter my address in explorer it says that my maidsafe balance is now 0 and when i click on the small arrow next to it it says

This balance reflects omni’s pending transaction with a total ongoing amount of ****** SP3 ( which is the amount i just sent)

The bitcoin line says that there is an unconfirmed transaction which is nowhere to be found on the bitcoin explorer

I have contacted them with all evidence, will update when i have more news

Thansk to everyone

edit when i ckecked the maidsafecoins are still in my wallet so it must have been a bug somehwere with omni

What happened last t I me doesn’t have to happen this time. The network adjusts as necessary.

The transaction is not guaranteed to receive enough (or any) confirmations. There is no proof that it received any.

There is absolutely nothing they need or can do for you. Learn how Bitcoin works.

The transaction has been sent and may fail, as I already told you.

Bitcoin explorer won’t show this because it doesn’t understand the omni protocol. Check it with as suggested earlier, then let us know what you find. It will either be a matter of waiting for the confirmation (usually this), or having to retry once it has timed out (maybe with some more BTC available to pay for the transaction?)

Hey Safes… I had very similar problems… my balance would not show on Chrome… or would only show after some time. It would show on FFox and IE exporer but then omni couldn’t send any funds as it ‘works best with Chrome’. If you see there is a support chat for Omni… I have used in a number of times and chatted to a guy… called Adam I think… can’t remmeber.

Anyway, normally - if you open Chrome and login… and wait - do not change tab, refresh or change window… the page needs time to load and refresh automatically… your balance etc should then appear.

If not use the support chat, it works well
good luck


I love it when people ignore my correct comments, then I can provide the same answer 3 times :slight_smile:

Again, that is not the problem, and it doesn’t matter whether some Bitcoin blockchain explorer understands Omni. The transaction either failed or succeeded. If it’s not showing, it failed. That’s all.

It’s not similar. In your case you simply cannot see your balance, probably because the site is busy.
In his case a submitted transaction was delayed or (more likely) failed.

For you the solution is to try later.
For him it’s to make another transaction (but if his balance is now too small he’ll have to also wait until the transaction fails and the original balance gets restored.)

And by the way (to the original poster ) it’s rather pointless to post problems about a failed transaction when there’s no transaction ID or address in question. It’s like posting about lost cash in some Siberian village. How is anyone supposed to know what exactly happened? And because of that a non issue becomes a topic with 20 “thoughts” about what might have happened.

You may like weighing in to repeat things, but it would be nice if you read and understood what you’re replying to more often.

If he looks for the transaction with bitcoin explorer, it won’t show any MaidSafecoin, so he may assume the transaction had not been attempted, or not gone though, when it might well have, but be pending further confirmation or not showing for some other reason.

If as you suggest, you’d already answered adequately, first time, others would not have felt the need to post further help. Or you can suppose it’s because we’re too stupid to understand what you’ve posted, and carry on at the same level, rather than try to be as helpful as you can by being clearer next time. That’s a very unhelpful position to take.

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you must be a bundle of laughs to be with over xmas. good luck

Omni contacted me, there was a bug but they have a system that update transaction that weren’t sent properly every 12 hours. So my balance has now returned but i have now another error when sending the maidsafe . I talked with adam through the chat, he is very helpful and try to fix that new error but i am interested to know if any of you have this error too?

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How long does it normally take to move MAID between address using OMNI. I have BTC available in both sending and receiving addresses and it shows up as unconfirmed in both so is there just not confirming, I sent BTC to the same address shortly after the MAID and it arrived nearly 2 hours ago. aggravating.

It has taken 8 hours or more once. Normally less than 1/2 hour

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