OMNI + LEDGER: Idea to develop

I was thinking. I have my MAID on my Legder address since a long time. Could be cool if someone can develop a kind of small wallet which can detect OMNI tokens and allow to send them directly by signing tx with the ledger NANO S. I wanted to move a part of my coins, but the current solutions do not satisfy me.

I am really lazy, so i post this here, hopefully someone will do it. This tool can be very useful for the community.


I had hoped that the Omni team would have developed a wallet for Tresor (another hardware wallet) which will support Omni, but when we last checked, at the start of this week, unfortunately this is still something that is still to be completed.


How can I move my $MAID stored in my Ledger in a safe way :frowning: ?

You’ll want to have an offline computer where you can enter your mnemonic and get the private key for the address that you sent the MAID to. Then maybe look into using Armory on that same offline computer to sign transactions for omniwallet. That’s how you can mimic the offline transaction signing offered by hardware wallets.

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Ok this is a good way thank you. But still It will be awesome if there was a way to sign the tx directly from the ledger.

I see that Trezor One supports Omni, so maybe it’s time you switch products. You should be able to import your same mnemonic on the Trezor. Just make sure the derivation paths are the same if you aren’t seeing the addresses you had on your Ledger.

Edit - so after some more reading, Trezor is only partially ready. Omniwallet isn’t holding up their end.

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