NFC technology compatibility with SAFE network

I was wondering what the safe network could do with NFC tags as a feature.

A few options I thought of

(1) mobile payments option is most obvious.
(2) safe coin gift cards
(3) programmable logins without the use of passwords
(4) safe app credits

I am sure there could be millions of uses and be a great feature for MAIDSAFE and something that should be a feature in the wallet.

I would like to use it to credit an application by going to local computer store and buying a NFC card and swiping my mobile safe network app and automatically getting credit and being directed to my favorite app, for ready to download for eg. a n99 latest song or going to an safe tube and access to the latest streamed movie.


I hope I could send some Safecoin to a friend by just using NFC on both of our phones. Same for paying in a shop, with Bitcoin you still need a third party as intermediate, because Bitcoin is way to slow. Safecoin should be fast enough to pay without an intermediate. Just that lovely App on your smartphone :smiley:


Is there a way to store safecoin locally on your device ?
Otherwise you won’t be able to send them via NFC when you are offline.
How does the network know who is the new owner, if a transaction is performed offline ?

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Yes there is, see the Safecoin white paper, section 6: “Minting safecoin”

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