Newbies Maidsafe On & Don't Buy

DON’T BUY MAIDSAFE ASSETS FROM OTHER PLATFORMS. As most of you might know, MaidSafeCoin was launched on the Mastercoin Platform Look beneath:

Some one/peoples launched a MaidSafe on Counterparty as well. I was only going to PM @nicklambert about this, but it’s handy if NEWBIES also know if they are buy the MaidSafeCoin asset and not ACCIDENTLY buy the MaidSafe/Coin acid.

There will probably be something similar on other platforms, but I guess I’m to lazy to dig.

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Oooh I got of my lazy ass it’s even on

I know that we’ll soon have our Safecoins, but it’s just handy that newbies know about what asset they buy.


I sound like a old guy


Thanks for flagging this up and probably good advice to buy from known exchanges: ( and That said I don’t believe there is anything untoward going on here. As I understand it the Counterparty platform enables the trading of assets between peers (please correct me if I have misinterpreted).

  1. Because P2P platforms cannot restrict anyone from creating any asset they want and neither can they force people to state their identity, it is hard to know for sure which assets are squatters, scams or frauds.
    One of problems here is not that it’s impossible to know for sure if some asset is a fraud - it’s also dangerous to err and call some asset a fraud when it’s not.

  2. There are “asset ratings services” in works that will make it possible for buyers to easily see what others think about individual assets. Once those become available it’ll be easier to figure out which asset is a likely scam and do additional investigation if desired.

  3. I don’t know about Dogeparty, but Counterparty posted a KB article as soon as users highlighted the appearance of suspicious coins.

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Thanks for the info @janitor, I had searched the Counterparty forum for counterfeit coins but didn’t find the support article. It seems like there isn’t a huge amount that we can do. I will however, add a statement to our website informing users that they should only buy MaidSafeCoins from Masterxchange and Poloniex.

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True, that word (counterfeit) is not mentioned there, but the support article I mentioned was also linked from the forums.

The problem of “false positives” that I mentioned makes it difficult to call out particular assets and “name names”.

Just make sure you keep it up to date (if the coin gets listed elsewhere). :slight_smile:

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the volume on this thing is likely faked in order to make the appearance that people are actually trading these phony Maidsafecoins. It is likely the case that these are made to interfere with the maidsafe project. It is important to note when a project or idea or object becomes fruitful it is immediately and thoughtfully duplicated.

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Yeah and as noted in the hints in TFA, one of these assets (MAIDSAFE or MAID, I don’t remember which but it can be checked on changed the issuing address several times, which is also highly unusual.

Personally I wouldn’t call it a scam until someone like Nick officially states (as he did here) that the asset was not issued by the MaidSafe project, so now we know that’s the case.

(OT: I assume potential libel issues in the cryptospace are probably low, but as long as one can be ID-ed there’s a risk of “real-life” lawsuits…)

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I contacted counterparty support. I mentioned that if they aren’t regularly updating consumers on frauds, they are complicit.

Is there a way to make this topic 'sticky"? I’d hate to have people buy into a scam. The bastards even link to, to make it look legit.

Maybe I’m talking complete nonsense here, but is Counterparty not capable of seeing the IP of whoever made the asset? If you buy a token you can see it’s creation date & bitcoin issue address.

WTF people are actually buying this stuff

This needs a sticky

@cryptoguy if you bought the asset, you can also see the Bitcoinaddress that issued it…

This is why I HATE the first come first served model. It totally doesn’t protect brands from this kind of nonsense…

Unfortunately this isn’t a new scam. My buddy bought some fake mastercoins before the maid crowdfunding. Broke his heart when I told him.

RE: IP address. Can’t you mask it?

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There’s no better model.

  1. You can buy the asset from the squatter
  2. You can ignore the squatter

Or you can have a government that introduces a bunch of laws and then 20% of most participants’ time is spent on discussing problems with the government-caused crap.

I don’t know if any Bitcoin 2.0 decentralized project that can mandate that an issuer ID’s themselves or leave their contact information.
That’s the whole point (that you can ID yourself and provide your contact details if you want, but if you don’t, then you know people will assume the worst and triple check who the heck is behind the asset).

No scammer is stupid enough to create his asset on a project owned server. They simply run their own server (usually CLI-based which takes 5 minutes to install). It’s as (pseudo)anonymous as bitcoin (or other platform on which the project runs) because all it takes is to embed asset details in a bitcoin transaction.

There is a better model, if somebody say they are They should have to proof it. BTW who I’m fooling with this domain talk? Because every single ICANN domain out there is JUST4RENT.
[Even Google can loose in 2020 if they don’t extend their registration.][1] All though since they are planning to offer dns…

Bitcoin 2.0 decentralized??? what does that even mean? All I’m seeing is: and that’s a centralized website. Some websites (maybe all) can see the ip of their visitors.

But it takes only a good night of sleep to wake up to the truth LOL
@cryptoguy [The Counterparty got much more on their hands right now. They are looking for somebody to replace them][2].

And how funny the Counterparty price shotUp towards the moon
[1]: Whois

Sure, have at it!

  • Bitcoin 2.0 - Mastercoin, Ethereum, Nxt, etc. Blockchain-based platforms that provide various applications (possibly in addition to crypto-currency).
  • Decentralized - which part of decentralized do you not understand?

If all you looked at is a centralized Web site, it’s a problem of your own diligence (or lack thereof).

If you pay me $5 in BTC I may actually want to spend some time to explain.

(I’d like you ask you to tell me what do you see when you visit, but I won’t because then I’d have to come back here and read your reply. :-))

Your right sir,

I guess I’m just getting frustrated by all these centralized websites and domains for rent.

I’m just drooling at the thought of a decentralized/distrubuted DNS system & websites with domain registration & SSL till infinity. The till inifity part will just be a nail on the coffin of the old internet. Because which fool would wanna keep paying for something that’s for rent, if you could buy that something @ an affordable price for eternity. We waste precious time on idiotic things, so other can get rich.

When I visit I’m not seeing a centralized website. I’m actually seeing the INTERNET and PROGRESS that i’ve been hoping for. If I really have to tell you, I’ll get too overexited and…