New USA crypto regulation

The USA and its banking cartel seems to have started an all out attempt to kill off privately owned digital currencies/crypto with the latest suggestions. It’s so detailed and is aimed at ensuring they effectively control the entirety of the crypto economy and ensure the continual hegemony of the USD.

Starting with fines and jail time for just willfully using ANY anonymous currencies/coinjoin.

I believe that it is more urgent now than ever before that the safe network is able to at least offer a basic level of exchange/website hosting capability asap in order to obliterate their attempt at seizing control of the future.

We need at the very basic level, the ability to continue to host services that can’t be shut down where owners can not be identified/caught or assassinated by the USA thugs.

I also hope that at some point the devs of Safe network become anonymous for their own safety because they’re essentially creating tech to wrestle and de-power these thugs. They will not be happy and will not like it.

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Do you have any links on these regulatory proposals?

it’s a huge wall of text i’ll copy paste it. It’s on the bitcoin forum top thread

Here’s the link

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