Network size -- How will we know?

I was thinking this evening about SAFE, capabilities, adoption, etc., and was struck with the thought that once it is free in the wild, it may be impossible to determine how large the network actually is, in terms of even vaults, much less users.

Oh, sweet mysteries of life . . .

What’s the scoop on this @dirvine?

Yes its very hard to get a figure. The closeness of the close nodes in a routing table will give an estimate, but that is as close as we will get. In many cases the estimate will be 50% out.

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As humans we love to know but maybe it’s just better that way. But could you have a rough figure based on safecoin saturation?

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That’s what I thought. It’ll just have to be one of those wonderful mysteries.

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Good thing is if we cannot tell, then neither can an attacker who will have to create X nodes to attack, if there is more than one then the attack is halved etc. So in a way its kinda neat, but yes annoying.


We have a site why not a similar app for SAFE? Why not write an app that let’s a user tell you their node is up and where they’re at? They could include as much or as little info as they liked, or not run the app at all. Not everyone would but as humans are social a lot probably would. Kind of like sticking your hand up and saying “I am here!” Also if you could ensure that ONLY the location was sent and no other data then that would encourage more people to use it. If someone sees “there is a node in the middle of Brazil but I have no idea who it belongs to or what it’s specific location is.” Then that doesn’t do an attacker much good. Even if you had the name of the town someone lived in you’d need a street address to find a specific person.