Network Based Replacement for Server-Side Processing?

You are not comparing like with like imo.

There is no real competition for SAFE because no one is building anything like SAFE.

Yes, a lot of the functionality we’ll see on SAFEnet can be duplicated by various independent projects, but Maidsafe are not building another blockchain solution and none of the other projects are close enough in design to consider this a ‘race’ imo, not yet anyway.

Ethereum is still at least two years away from a possible sharding solution. They can pay their devs $500k pa, it won’t help them get it done any quicker.

I’d be wary of getting pulled by the tide. If you dig deep you’ll find this isn’t really a race at all, despite the tendency to treat bubbles of growth/interest as if they were yardsticks of success. All the matters is the real bottom-line, what will people use, why and when? All any of us can do is try to unravel our own interpretation of how that plays out based on the information we can put together. I think supporters of this project tend [by necessity] to be very independent-minded and they don’t much care what the crowd thinks. Eth can go to $100bn cap and they can pay their devs $1m pa, it wouldn’t make any difference to my investment choices. Blockchains have a very, very long way to go before they could really claim to make something like SAFEnetwork redundant. We still seem to be many years away from that from what I can tell.


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One of them vitamin powder drinks things. Jimmy Joy was Joylent which was preceded by Soylent I think. It’s apparently really popular among devs though the health claims seem very scientifically dodgy to me. I would advice anybody strongly to get proper advice before solely relying on this stuff myself.
I read this article:

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What seems to be missing here is the understanding that this is not a blockchain project, but in complexity more like coding the freebsd kernel in a world where no unix exists as an example and everything has to be invented from scratch.

It’s great that storj en sia can serve some decentralized data, but it’s built on a broken idea and honestly no serious party will ever trust it’s data to it. They’re experiments, nothing more.

Ethereum has so far not produced anything that solves any real world problems that can not be solved using a database or an objectstore.


As long as it doesn’t compare too much to GNU Hurd :wink:

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Or that unmanageable ##### ****** piece of %@#%@% called linux. Don’t be linux. Be bsd, be illumos, even be aix if you have to.

Hi everyone,

I have some questions regarding the decentralized computing topic and I’ve read through the thread to see if I could understand if it’s possible or not with safe, although since I’m not very literated on the subject, I still have some doubts.

The way I’d like to use SAFE, would be for hosting my website and then integrate “video” on it. Specifically I’d like to produce some videos related to Gaming (guides, let’s plays, walkthroughs, etc), and then host them on the website, having a weekly show, etc (so video on demand, kind of concept). - Then eventually have some rewards, etc to promote usage and exposure.

In itself, this ideia would have a big demand for storage and bandwidth (so I don’t know if safe could support it, without being super expensive), so to reduce costs, my main question is if it would be possible to have an optional app, that would allow someone to make hardware ressources (CPU/GFX card) available to others for in this case “video encoding/transcoding”, making this process much faster and files smaller (higher compression algorithms or similar) .

Alternatively, would it be possible for a website hosted on the safe network to bridge/communicate with the outside web (like having an i-frame with a youtube video linked on it) - Maybe I have the answer already to this one, since this would break the privacy and decentralization pilar, but maybe a bridge could exist to an entry point, where everything would then be scrambled again (like an interpreter SAFE web - normal web).

I’m sorry for my noob notions and questions and thank you in advance for the time answering them in “simple english” :wink:


Yes this is possible and has already been done in the tests.

No problems

The cost should not be high. Unless you plan to store PBs of video

Current interweb doesn’t usually transcode on the fly for big files. Only tiny ones. So do as the current web does and store multiple pre-transcoded files to cater for the users needs.

For bandwidth to the user it is expected that SAFE will do much better than the current web since the data is coming from multiple sources/paths and not limited by the host server’s bandwidth.


Hi Neo,

Hope you had nice weekend. Just wanted to thank you for your clarifications!
This technology shows immense potential and promise. Can’t wait to see it develop.
I’ll try my best to help as I can, as it is a great privilege to be at the forefront of innovation!



Wow…I never knew we had so many people qualified to give medical advice on here… :smile:
PS, what is the “fibre myth”?

I’m just asking because I had “shelling” on colon, which is apparently like small holes in tissue wall. I was advised to eat more fibre to help fix bowel/colon by the specialist…can’t recall what medical title was…arseologist or something.
Was this just some mythological remedy he conjured up to line the pockets of the grain industry? How can I assure myself that ignoring doctor’s advice and eating “Kefir” is the best way to go? How do I know this is not a mythological remedy to line the pockets of the kefir industry? :smile:


Think Joylent Green heheh.

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For fiber I eat chia and flax seeds. I wasn’t aware of the fibre myth from the grain industry?

Yes, from a romantic tech-lover point of view I get what you mean and even share your opinion.
For a heavy investor in MAID, this kind of point is difficult to swallow.
I agree that an investor takes a bet and gets reward for the risk, still, hearing from you that any competitor who achieves this goal shall be blessed is harsh.A little bit of self-shill can’t be bad :wink:

I guess the main advantage Maidsafe has is that you guys are working on something impossible to replicate for anyone who would start from scratch now. Even if a company raised 250m on a big ICO, it would take years of development before they can deliver anything. It is not a problem of funding, more a matter of R&D.
Similarly, even if decentralized computing is possible through SAFE tech, although difficult to implement, the market is probably already lost to specialized project like Golem who will have been developing ad hoc solutions for months/years, am I wrong to think this way ?

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Not sure, the network already does a form of compute and smart contract. I think distributed compute is a solved problem in many ways, projects such as folding@home and a load of others can allow nodes to accept data and do calculations . The link is then verification and possibly another incentive to run nodes, but I do note (and it’s important) like skype the nodes running these are not paid, they do it because it’s right or helps them. However, I think incentives can help verification and allow for more critical consensus measurements (ban bad nodes etc.)

I am not sure about Golem, I looked for code but found some python scripts (I need to check again though) and their first app seemed to be very high speed video rendering, but the mailing list had a load of messages suggesting is was incredibly slow. I could not see why video rendering was a good choice, so listened to their explanation video and was more lost, there they said it was an AI that would write itself based on user feedback. I would love a project to do what Golem says, i.e. allow decentralised AI, but I cannot find the thread that pulls it all together.

If anyone knows more and can comment I would be hugely interested though.