Need ad free SAFE replacement for twitter!

Twitter CEO has been targeted for removal supposedly because enough people won’t have their attention stolen during elections and olympics to maximize useless parasitic corrupting rent seeking. When the public already owns the airwaves its way too much that people already pay ISPs for the public’s own property but worse with paid censorship anti neutrality and the ceaseless attention prostitution of ads public money is used to fuel the ceasless brainwashing by the nonsensical exploitative, opressive virtue of useless rent seeking narrative that claimes people are the dispisable property of self appointed elites.

The last firm this activist investor group went after was PG&E and in that case it apparently looked to shore up the rent seeking not convert it into a COOP. Overt the last 20 years since Enron, PG&E sucked down something like 60-80B (have to double check that but holds with current rates) in profit. But never bothered to underground the lines. And with the new fires will raise rates even higher when it already charges about 23x per kwh what new battery backed solar runs in the state. And despite all that useless profit its been bankrupt 2x in 20 years. Its covering 40% of CA rate payers and much of its rate jacking is surely done to try to delay electric cars. Its still not free of toxic natural gas and the state insurance companies that insure it also buy its stock and then pass on its massive fire losses to home owners. 40% increases across the state for home owners insurance in one year. PG&E is a local mononopoly with captive customers and guaranteed 10% returns in law. Wouldn’t have been the fires if it has been at cost and the fires pad the returns. This is the kind of crap they want to save.