NamedDataNetwork(s) (NDN) concept gaining momentum

Name Data Network (NDN) concept gaining momentum

As far as my understanding goes, this is also directly the fundamental concept of the Maidsafe implementation of such an NDN based network. These guys take it further to a lower layer and bring it as a replacement protocol on top of the wires/fibres of the internet infrastructure.

Fundamental ideas about calling and connecting to data instead of calling and connecting to hosts (machines) are slowly exiting the early stages of academia and research and gaining more public impact.

Just recently Cisco and Verisign and a bunch of others presented some results to the public about a potential replacement of the IP (internet protocol) layer of the current internet generations with NDN.

NDN Executive Summary at:

Other references:
Content Centric Networking (CCN)

Van Jacobson (person) (I also briefly corresponded with David some years about VJ)

Be sure to check the Van Jacobson videos at Google Tech talk

(he also held presentation at Verisign about CCN)


If this would allow us to skip IPv6, I’m all for it! :wink:

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Yes Cheers Andreas I would love these types of projects to speak to us. We have spoken frequently about missing out IP and straight to routing node addresses. Not publically available named addresses though as to me that leaks info. Very interesting piece though I was reading it earlier today. I really recommend VJ new way of networking it is pretty inspiring.

This looks like the pursuit network

Read about it @ gizmodo

@19eddyjohn75 - for info: I wrote a bit about Pursuit in the thread on Similar Projects

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Have there been any dialogue or acknowledgement of SAFE as yet?

Not as far as I know.

I talked to the PURSUIT guys, and reported on the conversation in the Similar Projects thread.

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