My new app Cryptonews

Hey guys I want to let you know that I made a little app which archives links related to crypto stuff. It is a little bit like a “what’s up today” app where you can post your links with a description and people can comment on them. So feel free to use it. This site is not completely finished and there will be stuff added from time to time. Sooner or later I will need some mods there but I will come back to that if its really relevant :slight_smile:

So because the site is really fresh there is a possibility you encounter some errors or/and bugs and it would be nice if you would inform me about that :wink: Please dont hesitate if you have suggestions to improve my app or if certain things are missing! (Post them here on this thread)

Next I have to say if my app is well accepted and gets enough support by people and maybe sooner or later enough financial support I would like to bring my app to the safenetwork(I am alone for now so please be patient with me :grin:). If I forgot something I will answer you questions here.

If you wanna be the first poster ! :sunglasses:

Edit: I forgot to say that I had to add registration because of spam protection but your data is almost as safe as on the safe network :wink: If you need more tags in the article publishing area please let me know which one and I will add them immediately.