My First JAMS Blog Post

Hey folks! I’m aware not everyone here will succumb to using Medium but this is my first blog post going into what JAMS is and what it plans to be, in a hopefully more coherent way than what is scattered across the forum here.

Claps and shares are highly appreciated!

I have a working MVP demo (Jim should be able to confirm this) that obviously hasn’t been wired up to SN yet due to lack of API’s but has been staged on aws, if anyone is doubtful of continued development.

I also have many mobile mock-ups that have come much further and look pretty darn good I’d say but those are for later.

Given that there has been significant progress on the Safe Network design I have passed that onto my trusty developer friend and as he has received some promotions and we were going slowly as it was, him and I are looking for new help so the MVP can be ready for APIs and testnets.

I’m reluctant to open source the code just yet in hopes of seeing a return but do plan on it after full SN launch. Point is anyone interested in helping in whatever way they can is welcome to and also since I’ve dedicated so much to this over the years, donations are really appreciated and are strictly used for development.

Side note. I plan on writing a blog post in the next few weeks about DBCs and the recent Safe Network progress, so keep an eye out.

Thanks everyone


Quick!!! change that graphic

Find a pic of JAM no honey!!!

First couple of paras - v good – now to finish reading
but I did notice this in the source
safenode/src/bin/cli/ /// This shall be the number of nanos to send.
The default send amount is in nanos - so even the album artwork producer can get a small contribution as well as the actual music provider.


That’s a nice detail, I’ll have to see about adding that. Thanks for the support @Southside


Each Verified Artist could own an equal shareholder in JAMStand PtD revenue

Maybe an explainer for PtD?
Good article and a very exciting product/service. Reminds me that a LOT of very careful thought and work has gone into JAMS. It is a bit long though - Possibly rewrite a short version with a link to the full bhoona? One targeted at consumers, the other at musicians?


Oops! I’ll have to edit that out as it seems the PtP and PtD terminology has gone by the wayside, maybe just for now? But I missed that renaming that bit. Should read as Network Royalty Rewards. Does that need more explanation as well?

Thank you for the praise AND the constructive criticism. That is priceless imo. I’ll def make a truncated or TLDR version!

Beyond just JAMS I’m hoping that the power, utility, and potential of the network is obvious to the reader. The networks design almost inherently enables most of these features. I’ll be more explicit about that in future posts.


Good to see some excitement here! I’m not certain if I totally understand the value proposition after reading it, but I went quickly through it and there are a few moving targets there… The question I’m asking myself is: won’t all sorts of good quality music be availabe all over the place, from early on? And won’t easy payments to bands and musicians be a reality as soon as they sign up and verify that one of their accounts is really them?

You can see it happening - one big slightly more innovative band tries it and says, “just pay us there from now on”. It works, others copy. So I don’t get what is being offered on top of that? Or orthogonal to that? After you’ve lots of users, then I guess it’s attractive to bands, because the users are there. But before that?

Spotted a little typo under the Value Chains section:

“Value chains should only work with the imbedded JAMS player”


As people upload music, they could share the permission to that music with JAMS or any other application. A lot of it will likely be pirated music so the big goal is to align things properly so that artists are getting a fair shake and that users aren’t deterred from using a platform trying to do the right thing.

From the offset there will be no JAMStand to verify to. It still needs to be built and is separate to JAMS. The one possible scenario I mention near the bottom of the article is to have JAMS keep track of how many streams any Unverified Users/Artist uploads and passing that onto the Safe Network Foundation to have that file’s Network Royalties accumulate, (Granted someone, either the Foundation, JAMStand if ready, or otherwise has to Verify the original artist of that file) giving bands and artists the incentive to join the Safe Network and collect their earnings. Once they see this potential, hopefully they stick around and join us for good. Having JAMStand or an equivalent competitor to further earn at that point would be optimal to retaining them.

From an investor stand point, JAMS and JAMStand are basically horrible investments to earn a financial return as of now. There is no real way to monetize the platform without doing what is already currently being done. Inserting ourselves in the middle to collect percentages, or bombarding people with ads. Luckily the Network Royalty Rewards could keep development afloat and scaling an application on Safe, providing security for credentials etc is baked in and costs next to nothing.

So to speak to the value proposition I would say this.

  • Aligning incentives to get as many creators to join the Safe Network and JAMS/JAMStand as possible.

  • Creating an environment to allow artists to be properly compensated and flourish

  • A new era of musical creativity, collaboration, and sharing for listeners to enjoy

  • Hopefully making it a sustainable system by allowing artists to earn directly from fans

  • Possibly give the Artist community at large a voice and democratic voting power in the direction of the platform via a DAO

This is highly ambitious but I see the Safe Network and what people can do together and it inspires me. I see how David went from dreaming big to making this even more ambitious project into a reality and I want to get this out into the world. Even if I can’t complete it. I want it to be. Steal this idea if that’s what it takes but I will keep trying.

I know not all of this is crystal clear, some ideas are newer and perhaps not fully fleshed out but please do ask again if something is still unclear. I’ll do my best to refine it.


This is what I commented on your blog:

my 2cents are that some artists doesnt make money now with streaming or selling their music as people listen for free somehow.

they instead make money of live concerts.

there should be a free option for artists that would like to not earn by streaming their music but only tips and live (streaming or local) concerts!

what do you think about that?

I think this should be promoted by you!

another idea, make a live streaming feature! like a artist can put a price for a live streaming! there are also lots of DJs that plays others music and they would flood your app if it gets out that they earn by … Jamming music! perfect the name also is perfect for this :wink:

also they could play music from JAMs in their JAMs live stream! so the artists could make money, (or if the artist doesnt accept money for streaming music, at least his music gets popular) also another idea here, if the DJs use JAMs to play songs it is displayed to the viewer of that DJs live stream!!!


This is a great idea and one I’ve considered a bit! It would be neat to see live concerts or candid live performances. Something to come later though with so much else to tackle. JackTrip, JamKazzam, etc, serve as inspiration.

There will be an option to tip any artist. I don’t know that I see artists turning down streaming revenue though. Something to consider.

Thanks for commenting @SmoothOperatorGR


had another idea, similar to free streaming (and I strongly suggest you promote that to the artists as artists wants their songs to be popular and make money on tips and live concerts/streams)

maybe implement a charity of the stream fees? like if they dont want to be paid for streaming their music then suggest to them to give it to charity, and also maybe have a place near the song that tags that this streaming fees are going to charity, I think that would resonate with listeners and feel good about listening to a song that helps a charity chosen by the artist!


Bands should be able to mint audio and audio visual NFTs that could be used on and off the SN. These would be powered by data served by the SN. One of the issue with NFTs is that the data audio or visual has to be stored on an impermanent storage system. SN solves this problem. These would be true collectables powered by permanent storage on the SN.

Albums could be minted on JAMS. Limited editions, tracks, tracks and video from live shows. This kind of thing. JAMSnfts could be combined with physical merchandise for fans.


send access keys to add to your account by mail plus maybe your choice of media of the song (vynil or tape or cd/dvd/blueray or usb stick)


I love the project, I wish you all the best, these types of applications are the ones that will help the rapid adoption of the safenetwork, and the issue of eliminating piracy thanks to deduplication always seemed to me that it would be a real revolution.


@Nigel I posted this. It is open-source based on Rust. It could be very helpful for proper secure smart contracts on SN which could be useful for JAMS.


Am I being dumb, or could that not be worked around by the BadGuys inserting a 1s silence - or near silence- at the beginning or end of every track they wanted to sell? Or similar jiggery-pokery?


Maybe in the not too distant future with the help of AI, for example, I don’t know how, manipulations in the original files could be detected and the reward paid to its true creator. or even maybe pay a proportional part of the total file to the original creator and another part to the one who modified the file, for example for meme creators who use movie photos, or for singers who cover songs by other artists… I don’t know, maybe I’m just freaking out a bit, not really I know if it would be possible


I have not analyzed the issue, I understand that piracy cannot be avoided through deduplication alone, but perhaps there may be means to mitigate it, perhaps even drowning it through immutability

the addition or reduction of any bit after the original has been signed and dated, may reveal the copy

Mere disclosure of the copy will not prevent it from being distributed, what remains is analytical programming to identify it and mark it as such.


I actually don’t know for sure either if say it is the same file (I mean identical) until the end and those identical chunks are deduped and then just the added bit are new chunks?

From what I remember if the quality is higher the data is different enough to not be deduped. So that is good in the case of artists or labels that likely have high quality masters of their music.

I don’t think stopping piracy is achievable tbh. The approach I want to take is making the right choice easier, not whackamole. So Verified Artists being first in the search results etc. Or taking away the ability for Unverified Artists to earn and let the earnings accumulate for the artist to claim upon verification.

I’ve already mentioned those obviously but just pointing out that it’s not stopping it just making it less beneficial or appealing all around.


There are solutions for both audio and video that can ‘fingerprint’ a audio or video file based on the content even if there have been serious efforts at changing it in really subtle ways. A few years ago there was one particular company that had got very good at it and had a near monopoly on it. Its software was being bought by most of the big companies. It could be that the market is more open now and there are multiple options and some are cheaper because it was expensive at the time.