MVP (min viable product)

Will this come in form of a pre packaged downloadable software or will this be command line type interface?
Any ETA on this? sorry if these questions have been answered already, been busy lately and did not have time to dig into this.


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It’ll be prepackaged with a graphical interface. No need for command line skills. As for the ETA I would say no more than a month or so. From everything I’ve gathered, I strongly believe we’ll get an MVP before the end of this month. Stay tuned and keep checking in at least every Tuesday evening. :smile:


hey thanks for this info, will be checking on here more regularly then, exciting times ahead!


Any chance for it after weekend ? :slightly_smiling:

I’m guessing that’s almost a certainty. :smiley:

Sounds almost unbelievable! :slightly_smiling:
Can’t wait to start contributing once first testnet and latest sources are live

I’m sorry… I was being a bit of a smart ass, saying it would almost certainly not be available before the end of the weekend.

I have no idea when it will be available, but I have every faith that it will only be available when it’s ready. Keep checking back!

You said to keep reminding you?

Good thing I wrote that second sentence. Name change shield activated! :raised_hand: :grin: