Multisig on Safecoin?

I’m here at a bitcoin dev meetup - the topic of the discussion was working with muiltsig. How necessary is this to be implemented in safecoin? Can this just exist as something on top?
How difficult is it to implement into the core?

Multisig should be in the core. Escrow is already covered, this should make an appence in testnet3 as it is a huge security issue for people.


I use Bitgo, but their multisig got a few weaknesses
1 They send you a email with 2 keys, if somebody can access your email, they can access your coins. So I send this email to another address and deleted it completely from the email address they send it to.
2 The multisig type is actually also a weakness. With multisig type I mean that it’s just letters and numbers.

I think the multisig could improve drasticly if you also have hardware multisigs. Think Trezor, NFC, Yubikey or whatever other hardware multisig type, that could come in the future. Adding hardware is just another layer of protection that’s added to the scheme.

It would be great of someone made a hardware multisig and used crowdfunding to get it made

Can we have distributed oracles? Something like this Orisi White Paper · orisi/wiki Wiki · GitHub
A practical distributed oracle system for cryptocurrency contracts. White Paper.

Yip this is exactly what zk-snarks will provide, for a working (on linux version) try this GitHub - dirvine/libsnark: libsnark: a C++ library for zkSNARK proofs (use cmake branch)

Interesting. Would something like zk-snarks allow a doctor to do gene sequencing and the patient to verify it happened on a blockchain?

I have to learn more about this.

Without a blockchain :smiley:

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