Moving my blog to the SAFE network

I have a blog that nobody reads. Will I be able to move it easily to the SAFE network? Being completely ignored on the regular internet is not enough for me. I aspire to be ignored on the SAFE network as well. It’s a Google blog if that makes a difference.


It’s an interesting question because for SAFE to be useful as host to websites, perhaps it needs to be accessible to everyone in a trivial way. I wonder initially normal net might host frameworks that draw on SAFE:// data. If SAFE doesn’t need a download and browsers are compatible or there are normal url portals, then perhaps your SAFE blog can be no less read than the original was.

No real reason you cannot – A blog is really just a collection of web pages in the end, and SAFE should be plenty capable of serving up webpages…

The trickier part is the Back-end and database stuff. Most Blogging software platforms run on MySQL – Since SAFE is a server free architecture, a different editor may need to be built that is SAFE friendly and uses SAFE compatible Databases…

what is your blog? I occasionally like to read words of others and I have found wallflowers are often the ones with the most interesting things to say :wink:

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It was enjoyable to read. I read a dozen or so Q&A’s. You are right on with so many points. Often people are good at stating the why’s and who’s, but few get into the how’s of Q&A’s. I liked the short quick to the point answers, but still covered a lot of “how’s.”

The only place I could say there is any room for improvement would be to expand the answers of what to do to solve the problems. I know what to do, SAFE, but many who stumble on your blog may not know the answer.


Cool. You are officially my first fan.

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You seem to have a negative view on politics, I dont see the problem :wink:


Nice blog. If I have time I will try to give some feedback as I read further. I also read over at zerohedge sometimes.

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