Mobile Apps (Android) (IOS)

Does Android and IOS and Blackberry work with the maidsafe network?

Android and IOS ports are underway right now. We have rudp working on android this week, other libs are much easier now.


Is that farming on mobile, or just client / node?

Just client for now.


Are you guys done with the android app?

The ports repo was made public today I believe. So the android builds are being integrated in Qa. No apps yet though, just API’s


yepp lots of neat things going public;

World, stay tuned…


I understand how the file process will work for the space on a hard drive. I am still trying to get a understanding of how it will work with the multiple applications listed on Please help.

Applications will be written to run on your machine and talk directly to/across the network using the SAFE API.

So you’ll log into SAFE using LifeStuff (the MaidSafe client app) to access your files, and run apps directly from your virtual drive. You could save then to your local PC, but it will be safer to get them from the network, where no malware can tamper with them, as well as saving you disk space which you can use to farm!

The app you start will run on your local machine, just like existing apps, except it will communicate with/over SAFE Network rather than the conventional internet.

Is this what you were asking?

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I’m curious if mobile is being released same time as beta release for desktop?

I believe a mobile client is planned from the start, but not mobile vault/farming.


I feel silly for asking this but what would the client be without the vault? I understand the farming on mobile is still being hashed out but what kind of functionality would the mobile client have? Connecting to the network as a node for beta testing? Either way I’m in if it’s beneficial to the project. Just excited to ditch old tech for the future :stuck_out_tongue:

If I understand correctly, it doesn’t cost anything to get the data from the network. So at the very least the mobile client will be like a terminal to get the content you have access to from the network.

Now if you want to put something on the network from the mobile client you’ll need enough safecoin to do it. But since you can’t farm them from your phone my guess is that most people will run a vault at home and use the safecoin generated by it to fuel their mobile clients.


Right this is what I was originally suspecting. Access to lifestuff. Files on the network and messaging. Hopefully mesh incentives not too long after official launch :smile: I’m confident that all the best will come in due time. I’m particularly interested in the mobile as that’s what is always attached to a person but totally understand the hurtles to get over as far as farming.

Yeah, I’ll probably be farming safecoins for the needs of my family so we can all share our message and photo without them having to run a vault. I don’t see my parents running a vault anytime soon :slight_smile: but I’d love to share photos with them through the network.


I think we’ll only consider our vault installer’s/programs user-friendly when your parents think it’s a breeze for them to have them setup and running too :smile: so yeh we don’t see that as a nice-to-have but very much a necessity in making it simple and easy to use for everyone.


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