Apps on Maidsafe

Hi! Maidsafe looks great btw. I have a couple of questions about apps:

How are apps referred to on the network? Does Maidsafe have some builtin DNS system so I can type a human readable name to access a resource, or will I be forced to type in the hash of a public key, like I do with other p2p systems such as BitTorrent Sync, Tor etc. Perhaps I could spend some Safecoin to reserve my domain name on the Maidsafe network.

One thing I am worried about Apps is, do they have the ability to harvest information about their users, like websites do? Are Maidsafe apps more like protocols, in that they are an agreed way for their users to interact with each other, and not closed systems that collect their users’ data ? If this is not the case, I dont see Maidsafe apps as much of an improvement over traditional centralized websites.

This segways into another issue: can apps on the Maidsafe network be forked if needed? Or again are they closed systems that only the app developer has the source code too?

Its not just the server that needs to be killed off, but closed source apps that harvest data.


It is a very good point and I wish someone could answer this for me too.

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