Maybe not the Killer App being looked for but Important for Australian Politics


I don’t know if @dirvine is best placed to answer this or other people - I am hanging out for MaidSAFE to go live both for technical reasons (it is SO interesting) but also because I have a few apps that I want to get going using the system - however I have no idea how to integrate say a Rails app into MaidSAFE so I am posting this to maybe get suggestions about how to proceed but also to maybe find people who are interested in helping with (or at least advising on) the developments. As I have mentioned before, I am setting up a new political party to contest Senate seats at the next Australian Federal Election - the Life Extension, Science and Technology Party. As the name suggests, it is mainly concerned about health and longevity for everyone that wants it but decisions about how this could be achieved affect all other decision making for the party and the political arena - I will give an example below.

Now, whether you agree with the main aim of the LESTp or not, what the organisation also needs is a 21st Century way of making rational, logical and speedy decisions on all issues of contention. The current mechanism I have in mind is this:-

A web site tabulates votes on the basis of say:

a) 40% human votes (one person, one value)
b) 40% votes from one or more software tools that generate a result from rational, logical, justifiable, process-based mechanisms that are open for everyone to participate in (but because of the degree of difficulty, have a steep learning curve)
c) 20% votes given for externalities

Decisions on these percentages themselves could be allowed for by the system (in a Bayesian manner) and voted on for any particular situation in advance of the the actual vote on the issue.

So, as a deliberately controversial example, say:

  • People want to live extended, healthy, robust and active lives but for this to happen, we need to have a long-lasting, healthy, robust civilisation
  • For a healthy robust civilisation that can last thousands of years, we need a healthy, robust, biologically diverse natural environment
  • For a healthy, robust, biologically diverse natural environment we need to rapidly reduce our dependence on fossil carbon for energy
  • To rapidly reduce our dependence on fossil carbon we need to rapidly develop nuclear energy sources

(This is just an example - I don’t personally agree with the last statement but it is regularly put forward as an “environmentally-friendly” solution).

So fundamental questions might be:

  • Should Australia develop its own Nuclear Energy Industry?
  • Should Australia develop its own Nuclear Energy Industry if it can be safely separated from the Nuclear Weapons Industry?
  • Should Australia develop its own Nuclear Energy Industry based on Thorium?

So on a decision day, at the close of the vote, the output on a), b) and c) votes would be immediately and publicly available electronically - and thus the overall vote would be known and decided BUT the system would guarantee how INDIVIDUALS voted to be 100% anonymous, reliable and secure from tampering.

This system should be able to scale from say 10^3 to 10^4 party members or even up to say 10^7 voters in the case of say a referendum.

I can develop the Rails web site but are there things I need to take into account in advance for MaidSAFE integration?



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