vs - lost Maidsafe coins

So, I get an email telling me that MasterXchange is closing. I think, “better make sure my maidsafe coins are “safe””.
I go to, where I would normally see my 4631 coins safe and sound. Instead it leads me to I put in my coin info and see “0” maidsafe coins…

So where do I find my coins now?

It has always bugged me that safenet sold coins which they had no wallet for, but I figured they would work on it . . .
now, over a year later, because I could not take possession of the coins I purchased, I now cannot find them.

Anyone have any idea of how to find my coins?

Does show a balance? Does the blockchain show coins moving?


I see all my coins at .

Maybe you forgot to empty your browser cache?

what btc address are your 4631 coins at?

btw your coins cannot be “lost” unless you lost your private keys or had them stolen. they just do not go poof.

Thank you, everyone who jumped in to help. Turns out I was off on my address. When it was corrected they all showed up.
Feeling lame.

Question now is. Is there anyway to access maidsafe coins, and not just look at them? Where does a person store them?
New topic, right?


I just generated a paper wallet via and sent them there. Pretty handy, and I don’t need to worry about anyone going out of business…

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as @jreighley said, I also store them in a paper wallet.

Look up, they also have an online wallet you can use. You can also use the website to view your address.

To move your coin (say when conversion to safecoin occurs) you need some BTC at that address to pay the fees .

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Happy you figured it out. I know them feels.

You shouldn’t keep your coins in any exchange IMHO. Exchanges come and go, they get hacked, people do runners. Its like the wild west with exchanges at the moment and even if they are legit and do the right thing you have no idea when they are going to close down so in this example say you change your email or whatever, you get hit by a car, go into a coma and some months later you finally find out they have closed down and your coins are gone. Always be prepared for anything in this game.

I keep my coins in a paper wallet that I have both physically and digitally secured. I learn to do this the almost hard way when I almost lost a whole bunch of my coins when my laptop practically blew up a couple years back.

Private key is kept separate for obvious reasons.

Just need to worry about a home fire, robbery etc.

I personally have mine about as secure as they can get.

Dual locations, both physical and digital, not online and private key is kept completely separate at a different location and is only physical. Also I have not done this. But a good game plan is to change your paper wallet regularly. This way even if anyone does get a hold of your paper address or key and then they are working on getting the other part by the time they can even get close you have changed everything over, think of it like a password that you change regularly.

Thanks Neo. so I can download an and print out my coins as backup? I will check it out.

Thanks Goindeep. Will do. I’ve been far to lax. Need to be more attentive.

So will store maidsafe and not just bitcoin? I will check it out. Thanks everyone for all your answers. So appreciate it.

The current MaidSAFE coins are just specially marked bitcoin (from the mastercoin protocol) So yes – Any real bitcoin wallet will do – You just want to make sure it is a real bitcoin wallet and not a fake one like you might get from a third party like Coinbase or Circle – (Those wallets are controlled by them and not you) Make sure you have the private key… If you look your balances up on most blockchain explorers they will just show you the bitcoin value (They don’t know that these are mastercoin marked coins)

Excellent. I have electrum already, so I will work with that for now. Thanks again.

I would keep them separate from your other bitcoins…

Hi again, Neo.

So I found my coins. I have an omni wallet, but I still don’t know how to move my Maidsafe coins off the blockchain into a wallet. What am I missing? I dinked around in the omni wallet to look for a way to transfer them, but I don’t see how you can get them. I mean, I bought them, but never have been able to take possession of them. Have never understood how you do that. I know how to send and receive coins from one wallet to another, but I don’t know how to receive coins directly from the blockchain. Makes me feel excessively pretty (i.e, not too bright. Smile).

You don’t move them off he blockchain. Period. Your address is just a number and the blockchain associates your maidsafecoin to that address. There is no physical maidsafecoin, its just crypto figures on the blockchain. BTC is the same.

I don’t use the omniwallet. Just a “paper” wallet which in fact is just a copy of the public & private keys of an address.

I did try out the online wallet at with a few coins to make sure I could import my private key of a paper wallet with a few hundred maidsafecoin and send some maidsafecoin. This was in preparation to ensure I knew what to do when the time arrives to send the tokens in exchange for safecoin.

If you have the private key for the address then you DO have possession f them. :smile:

FYI: for any wallet, importing (transfering coins) to the wallet is really just telling the wallet the private key for the address the coins reside “in”

Ugh, Neo . . . So I have a long string of numbers and letters. When I put that in at it shows my 4631 maidsafe “coins”. Is that long string of numbers the same as the private key? If not, I have no idea what the private key is. I’ve never had anything since I bought maidsafe, besides the previously mentioned number/letter code.

I really appreciate you helping me with this.