MaidSafeducation will be really necessary in the future, if we want new people to get started quick. What I’ve been missing all these months that I’ve been listening to bitcoin/crypto related topics. Is that nobody ever shows how it got to be done. It’s not that I don’t want to learn stuff, but unless something is super important (Like the SAFEcoin paper published) I won’t even take the time to read it. For instance now testnet2 is up&running, but still nobody took the time to make a video and show how to run it (I’m not speaking to the core devs, but somebody else outside the team who is capable of doing this, and got enough time to shoot a video). Yeah the argument could be that I should stop being lazy and start reading/doing it, if it really interests me. But believe it or not. I learn quicker when I’m shown something instead of taking hours to read through stuff. I wouldn’t even have bothered to install Darkwallet, if Kristov Atlas didn’t make this video about it.

I’m now even capable to set up an Amazon AWS S3 bucket with bucketpolicy and all, thanks to this video of microwavesam. I listen to a lot of cryptoshows, because honestly they only seem to talk about what is capable instead of showing it. For instance I never got to learn how to run a wallet on my own, because there is no tutorial out there how to do it. But hee, I got to learn how to configure a Redis server thanks to The WordPress Guy. All this even got me thinking to start a youtube show called “ShowUsCryptoKid”, because it sucks to hear about it and not see it. Even if people would say that my show would “suck”, I think more people would be able to do certain things. Another example the guys from Eris Industries say they will soon have a youtube to showcase on their platform. It would be nice to see how they install it in steps, because not everybody knows how these things get set up. I really like what @frabrunelle & @erick are doing with their in-depth illustrations, but that’s another topic. I would be capable of installing something if it’s shown, if people like me can do that I can teach other people and start a domino effect.

It would be nice in the future to see some one make a Maidsafe app on something like Codecademy or This could also get new people interested in the SAFE network. Yeah I realize that these are websites where you read stuff, but it’s only to promote Maidsafe to an broader audience. Personally I think it would be nice to have a Maidsafe app creation course on Youtube or a version of that on the SAFE network. Devs would just be killing 2birds with 1 stone, if they start making video’s of app creations. First they are creating their apps, second they are creating content.

(Time for a little SAFEcoin promotion (these are the ads in my posts))
The real resource price of a SAFEcoin will be known once we’re able to start buying storage/cpu/gpu/services with it. One thing is for sure the price of a Maidsafecoin is insanely low, especially when you think about it, that this thing will even outlive the concept fiat currency. Once people start thinking different about money (resource based, super secured and private money) things might change. If your developer think of the old internet and the multi-trillion dollar industry it has become. Imagine being a shareholder of that, that’s how insane this Maidsafe proposition is. In my mind 1Maidsafecoin is now worth €100 minimal, in reality it’s probably €1000 minimal when you think about the future. With Maidsafe around even Bill Gates (don’t get me wrong i like BG) story about mobile banking and terms like regulators & fees seems like a 90s joke.

The future of mobile banking, is an E ink phone powered by SOLARcell + SAFEcoins (I proposed an e-ink solar powered phone on, but not many were interested unfortunately :frowning: ).


I think you are absolutely right… getting started/how to videos/blog posts will be very valuable.

I think we should do this when there are installers though, because you can’t cover building in such a video, or in article.

So I doubt think we need worry… as soon as that happens a lot more people will be able to start creating such guides and help get others started/interested. You’ve made me keen to try this… but I may not have time to do much.

Including you of course :slight_smile: you are a great asset to the community and I think your passion would be great to put out there in this format. Maybe dig out a how to video about how to make a how to video? :wink:


Yes I agree, people learn in different ways and we need to cater for everyone (including the visually impaired). As @happybeing suggests we need to be slightly more advanced than we are right now, but we will have installers up and running pretty soon. Nice post though @19eddyjohn75


Thanks @happybeing & @nicklambert I’ll try to make some tuts in the future, when I understand the SAFE network better. It would be fun, because I love Maidsafe. I’m most interested in getting newbies started, with the SAFE network, it would also be nice to do this on schools.

We’ll see how it goes, but I’ll contact you first @nicklambert before I unleash another disaster…