Создаём Русскоязычную сеть перевод здесь maidsafecoin.wordpress.com

Необходимо создать сеть с русскоговорящим населением


The text is a recommendation to create a Russian speaking network as well.

Да конечно, можете быть вы нам помощь

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There should be nothing stopping @antoxa from creating maidsafe.org.ru using the same backend and maybe translating the FAQ to it?

I’ve been reading some papers on Russia recently and it’s fascinating their struggles over the years…they really seem at another crossroad right now, which could affect all of us in a big way i.e if they nationalize the ruble, the fan get’s rather smelly out here.

Yes, I asked that maybe @Antoxa could assist us with this task :wink: I’d certainly brush back up on Russian, it has been a year since I am daily actively using Russian language …

Looking forward to this


How i can help you?



A really awesome start would be to translate a good deal of the documents, @frabrunelle extended an invite to the Project SAFE slack chatroom where we are now :slight_smile:

OK. I’m gonna try : ) Where should I start? Throw a link to the text, and I’ll try to translate



очень рад, чтобы найти вас на slack

nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Я попытался получить мой русский друг, заинтересованных в MaidSAFE без успеха. Я думаю, что кто-то рассматривает эту информацию от российской точки зрения была бы очень помочь.

I tried to get my Russian friend interested in MaidSAFE without success. I think someone explaining this information from a Russian point of view would be very helpful.

i`m try

Согласен! Чем могу быть полезен?

С переводом можешь помочь?

@Antoxa @poker26 @MrAnderson

Hi guys, are you able to post in English?

If you can it is much more useful for the community to access, and for mods to moderate.


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@happybeing @antoxa and I have been communicating in slack, and he is doing a fantastic job at translating the important pages of maidsafe.net

Yes, I saw that. It’s great. :slight_smile:

Updated it with English as well. Totally makes sense, sorry. Figured I would show my appreciation for his/her efforts by using his language. I wish I could speak both languages like my Russian friends:)

No problem, I think it’s great to see Russian, as with Chinese in the past. I want everyone to feel at home and so am glad you reached out in that way. Thanks!

Posted in Russian just to let the guy know:)

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эм… свой форк? зачем?
или таки ресурсы на русском?
кстати домены org.ru/net.ru емнип платные уже