MaidSafe VS Tor

What’s the difference functionally from the Tor network and Maidsafe?

This forum has search function. Just type: Tor.


I’m sorry I don’t know how to use this website yet still getting my bearings. Also, the link that you provided definitely helped I read all of it no need for TLDR. I’m nerdy like that. I think one of those charts with the check marks that a lot of businesses use to compare their products to others would be beneficial for maid safe


Good idea! Wanna make it? :slight_smile:
You as new comer can see easier what’s most interesting for who doesn’t know it.

I think somebody had a go at one a few weeks ago but I think it is something we could do with in an easy to find place, such as in the wiki.

Here it is:

@Suriana Would you like to create more of these? I think it would be very good to have a separate thread for this where we can collect all infographics and for people to come with suggestions for new ones. Would you like to create this thread as well? I’ll have a go at it otherwise, but I don’t have any infographics to contribute with at this time.

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Here’s what I got so far

Is blocked in some countries
Can get you arrested for running a node
Has a small target backbone set of nodes
Has been hacked
Lets you browse the commercial internet
Nodes are ran out of kindness.

Mostly untested XD
Lets you browse a secure intranet
Distributed, can’t be blocked (hopefully)
Every node is important. No “backbone”
Monetary incentive in running nodes.

Probably not the best compare and contrast but if we shape it with fire it could be one of those things that gets on the MAIDSAFE website…maybe.


Hi, sure. I can get infographics pretty fast as long as i get the comparison data/information to work with.

Fine explation,
The most diferrence bewtween tor and others darknet clients is the access to clearnet, the normal internet (tor told about this that you can tracked).
About arrested is simple, the countries and companys can’t track you as same as Maidsafe.
The difference, I believe is that MaidSafe use your computer resources (ram, hdd, Cpu and your internet conection) for share with others that user Maidsafe running the web protect and fast.

Red tor is slow for this, a lot of user that no have nodes into the tor network and some give access to others, and is slow.

The data is into blockchain for Maidsafe, this is important too, because is more complicated for track if all date stay in all computers in the netword, now i only give acces to safe browser for test it and say a better answers, sorry but i join in it today, LOL. :slight_smile:

It’s not going to be possible for a government or company to distinguish SAFE Network traffic from other web traffic. It all looks the same. So tracking who is using it is not the same Tor. Governments could make being in possession of SAFE Network client software illegal, but that would require access to your physical device to gather evidence of, rather than network snooping remotely.

Just to be clear, you do not have to provide any of your resources to the network in order to use it. Nor do you even need an account to browse it.

Providing your resources is entirely optional, but something that you are rewarded for in Safecoin, which you can then use to buy resources back from the network in the future, or trade if you like.

The SAFE Network does not use blockchain. There is no central ledger or location where all the data, or maps of the data, resides.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out for more explanation, or feel free to ask more questions here!


ik, thanks for some acalrations.

No point in comparing something like Tor - which works and has been used for years, with something that doesn’t even have a version 1.0, and might never have.

Well, I guess if we take that attitude, Tor is the best we’ll ever have.

Or we could look at what works, what doesn’t, and what we want to improve: and then go build it. Which is exactly what we are doing.

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It’s the best that we have until now, when it comes to easy to use anonymity setups.

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