MaidSafe translator?

While spouting off ideas in the SAFEbook thread, i found myself typing something that actually sounded like a big idea:

SAFE network TRANSLATOR for messaging.

Like, so I (who only really knows English) could use the SAFE network’s messing software to strike up conversation with a random Chinese farmer and learn all kind of ancient knowledge/medicines/secrets that the English speaking world has no idea of but his family has been perfecting for generations.

You guys get where I’m going with this??

This could be UTTERLY AMAZING and have HUGELY POSITIVE effects for humanity!!

Let’s not let all that progress and knowledge of the ancients go to waste because of something as dumb as “language barriers.”

I’d love to chat with random people from all over the world!!

Expand my mind!! Help make friendships/ peace!! Unite the world!!

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started here:

I recall using this:
actually a lot;
the software would read the emails and gather words and use the words and their definitions to form complete sentences, using the words from the definitions as the vocabulary to expand a ‘thought’

Though what you mention would require a bridge between the two languages; since you want to have a localized translation. Using google translate for extensive text renders it unreadable by the locals.


And Skype is already implementing this. Definitely doable for communication apps on safe. Skype Translator to break the Web-chat language barrier | CNN Business


I have been working in the natural language processing domain for the last 10 years. Most of these applications work best if they are fed with awful lots of sample texts (corpus) so they can learn the language or the translation. After the translator starts working, you still need to teach it the new words, because language in use changes year-to-year. All-in-all, I cannot imagine a usable translator without BigData.

Do you see a way to gather data from all conversations into a common database used by the translation service, while still keeping the privacy of users?


Yeah. Opt-in. :slight_smile: I’m sure many many people would do it, especially if the machine doesn’t keep the actual conversations in memory etc, and just remembers the “lessons” it learns from them, only.

Like, people independently send their data to the learning app, with No middle men involved who can snoop on the data. Then the machine learns from it and deletes it’s knowledge of the data location etc


I see. In the SAFE Network community I guess this application should be fully open-source to gain trust from users to opt-in. It should have an API so that multiple applications could use the same BigData, therefore providing better translations in all of those applications.

I like the idea!


Certainly. I might envision it as a privacy-respecting version of google analytics that you can just stick on your app and have your users configure it as they wish.

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