Maidsafe Stress Test - 18 Vaults at Once

This is the direct result of caffeine induced insomnia and too much time on my hands. :wink:

Basically, I found that I can run 18 maidsafe vaults on my computer at once before bad things start to happen. In order of things that start to happen:

  1. The recording starts to lag/freeze
  2. Vaults start to disconnect from one another (timing out I would guess)
  3. Everything on my computer freezes except for the mouse

After #3 I have to switch to a virtual console Ctrl + Alt + F4 and issue a pkill command to end some of the processes or be forever trapped within a CPU and memory starved system. Fun times right? I have a challenge for anyone else willing to try: How many vaults can can you run at once?

Make sure you post your OS, RAM, and CPU type. I’m running Ubuntu 14.04 x64, 4GB of RAM, and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.


Maidsafe_vaults are useful, at the very least, you can attempt to crash a computer.


Did you start them all at once… or did you start three and then add the others in later?.. Initially they might try to burn the CPU but once it’s up its demand for the CPU drops off and perhaps would allow more??

I started one, waited for it to stabilize, and then started the next one. Recording it took a lot of CPU though. Each additional vault took a little bit longer to start. It’s important to note that the video is sped up. (at first by 1.5x and then by 2.5x)


Great job! It screams, “Hey folks! This is for real!”


I got to roughly 12 before the 100% on two CPUs wouldn’t let up, despite reducing the number of vaults to 9, it seemed to remain busy. Still the client appeared to be working and making progress but as it seemed stalled, I shut off another vault and all remaining vaults fell over with error:

thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'assertion failed: data_stored.len() < (GROUP_SIZE + 1) / 2', src/maid_manager/

Perhaps to be expected with so few vaults all piling in on the same resources.

Also, when started with the firewall up, it wasn’t obvious that the vaults were rebroadcasting and trying again to find contact… I had to restart them after taking the firewall down. It would be useful later to know the port range expected on the vaults.

We massively overpowered the num of messages on purpose here. You will find next sprint outcome makes this tiny by comparison. The idle cpu etc. should be minimal. The goal is a vault runs less than a chrome tab and I think we will do that.


On a Digital Ocean droplet with 512MB Ram 20GB SSD Disk Ubuntu 15.04 x64 I had a total of 15 running before it ran out of memory.

A bit of fun anyway, all this will be meaningless when the deugging messages are turned plus whatever optimisations come out of the next sprint.
Really looking forward to the installers and getting all our individual networks taling to one another as the code gets released over the next couple of weeks.
I ran throught the first few chapters of the Rust Book founf it enjoyable especially the section on writing little embedded bits of Rust to put in your Python and Ruby programs. However I think Im going to need a deeper knowledge of lower level programming to contribute to the community work that is coming up…


Can anyone try this testing?

Sure you can, Start at

and read some of the following posts as well for hints on setting up libsodium.
I think most folk are using Ubuntu but its been done on various Windows boxes as well as Fedora, If you get stuck , just shout for help.

Thanks! I have a MacMini, running Mac OS, waiting to contribute to the network. I’ll get on installing Ubuntu, and after that, I’m sure I’ll have some questions.

Thanks again!