MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising

Exciting update coming according to BnkToTheFuture:


Maybe another argument to attract investors: a better future alternative for youtube and its heroes proposal. See the amount of dislikes of this video …
On reddit you can see why it is disliked. For instance you get points instead of money to do the work…

TL;DR People are scared that the YT Heroes volunteers are going to report videos they disagree with rather than actually hurtful content. Other responsibilities from the Heroes program are subtitles or deleting hateful comments for points.

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Hello, I am new here. I just want to let you know, that I love this project. I already bought some MaidSafe coins. I would like to invest into company, but since minimum doesn’t seem to be reached I decided not to invest. In fact, I was in a stress on the first day, if I will be able to invest faster then others. But since it went slow, I did not invest. So I am a good example of an missed investor. I thing, if minimum were lower, than much more people would invest more money. So I really hope some miracle will happen, minimum will be reached and than I would be happy to invest.

Anyway, if this funding fails, you should try it again in few months with better hype strategy. It is like with coin investment. People tend to buy on pumps, since they do not want to miss the train.

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That makes no sense… the rules are simple. If the minimum is not reached, then there is no payment. If you want to invest, then do so. It took more effort to talk about why you didn’t.


You get what you invested back if the minimum is not reached! Get in there and support the project you love!!!


I imagine a couple of aspects which could come into play here. Some people may not be confident enough to invest in something unless they see loads of others doing so - perhaps they don’t trust their own judgement unless it’s confirmed by others.

Another aspect could be that it makes no sense to lock in your money if you’re confident that this fundraiser will not be oversubscribed. Before the end of the investment window, better opportunities could conceivably come along (not likely in my book). Or maybe you expect exchange rates (fiat or btc) could fluctuate in your favour before the end (e.g. Bitcoin drops). Generally speaking there will be more information available later on, so logically it would make sense to wait.

I know that what I’ve typed doesn’t exactly fit in with @Username1’s statement, so sorry about that @davidpbrown - I’m not trying to disagree with you. Just pointing out some things around the outskirts of the discussion…

Having said that, I have already invested because I desperately want to support the team. I want to live in a better world in the future. I am also prepared, depending on developments, to top-up my investment later on if I can afford it and if it looks like it will be helpful.


Nope, it is not the same, Sending money to some website and than waiting for refund is not the same as not paying at all. I am very small investor, so my money will not help much to reach the minimum. But sending money somewhere and than risk refund especially if I want to pay with BTC is not the same. And I am sure that there are more people like me, who look at this simillar way. And since I was robbed on mintpal, cryptsy and cryptostocks at least 50 BTC, I definitelly do not trust BnkToTheFuture so much to send there money for no reason.


Your reasons make sense. It’s a personal judgement. I suspect you’ll not regret buying the MaidSafeCoins if you hold on to them for a while. Do you think you’ll invest if it looks like the minimum will be met?

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Mostly good points besides the fact that it’s almost to $300,000 on mostly small donations alone. I think it’s possible the big boys might think the pot isn’t sweet enough but the idea that a supporter won’t invest until it looks like others have first is yes cautious but also is sending the wrong message to someone who thinks just like you. That obviously becomes a problem, because you’re not voting with your btc others are scared to vote too. Whereas if that thinking changed everyone would feel confident in their support. You see my point? Take a little risk for freedom.

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I will definitelly invest if minimum is met. I am a software enginer and for me, all blockchain technology is cool but slow, hyped and hard to go mainstream. But since I found MaidSafe, I realized this is the future. Right now, BTC can handle only few transactions per second. But on safe network, you can use datachains to create blockchain technology, with blocks capable to handle terabytes per block. So safe network is superior to any blockchain technology. Not talking about replacing all the internet, security, anonymity, anonymous gambling, avoiding taxes, replacing torrents, black markets, etc…

I reviewed github repository for all maidsafe code there, and I am impressed. This is not scam, this project is done by amazing people with lot of knowleadge who want to deliver high quality product. This project can fail, but not investing into it is stupid, since this is like investing into Google or Apple at early days.


The minimum is too high. I’m a Maidsafe fan but right now cannot afford £1000. So I’m out sitting on the sidelines.

Sounds to me like you should buy some Maidsafecoin. If this hits the minimum, the coins will get a bump, then sell coins at a profit and take your BNK equity poistion.


I bought some MaidSafe coins yesterday, when they were sub 0.00014. But I hope for more dumping, I need to buy more:)


Welcome to the Forum!

Well, davidpbrown has a point, and you too. But have you done some research into bttf? It’s not like theyre particularly new and maidsafe and bttf have a contract, As do the investors. Especially if you use Bitcoin, it’s clear that you sent your Money to them. They would be held accountable if they didnt return your money.
The same will be true once the mnimum is reached, the Risk will basically be the same.

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Why did synero got more investment than maidsafe…!!! Their minimal is 1 million. This is ridiculously steep, and obviously had multi-million dollars investors before they announced it.

Maidsafe only needs 2,616 people to invest 1.3k to reach the goal. The forums is less than 2k members. I dunno how they gonna reach the goal. Let’s hope they do.


I suspect @dirvine might have some tricks up his sleeve. If not, worst case scenario I get my money back. I invested (3 days ago so don’t look at the counter on my account) and my only regret is not being liquid enough to buy ‘A’ shares.

It’s simple. This idea is pretty awesome. And they seem to be well on the way of making it happen.

If MaidSafe really does manage to overthrow the g̶o̶v̶e̶r̶n̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ internet in 10 years, I want to be able to tell my kids that I helped make it happen. :grin:

My only fear is that the fact it took 10 years to get to this point - which reminds me a bit of Duke Nukem Forever - might say something about the speed in which they will commercially exploit their own system. By this time, the competition will also develop for the network and might just do a speedier job.

Anyway, there are more reasons to invest and a good part for me are idealistic ones.

Also, millions. :wink:


Do all Bnk opportunities have a minimum £1000, or is that unique to Maidsafe?

Also, (never saw this answered) did other opportunities behave in similar manner? Meaning, did any, in particular, of the previous companies get a bunch of people investing during the 2nd half? (I didn’t know about the website until Maidsafe’s entry.)
… There are now a couple people in this thread saying that they really would rather wait until more people invest, so that the minimum is reached, hence being much more secure/satisfying of an investment. This shows that it’s not at all similar to the crazy crypto crazes that get as much as possible dumped into them, with no minimum limit. Anyway, hopefully something happens between now and 10-15 days left. It’s really an ultimate irony if it doesn’t get funded; Maidsafe has never really followed traditional patterns, though, especially regarding hype (except for maybe MVP, and lesser extent Alpha), as everyone is now aware of.

Every little bit helps to get to that minimum.


If it’s not funded, what happens? Dare we speculate?

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The minimum investment varies, I’ve invested in some with a 1000 Pound/Euro/Dollar minimum but there are also some I’ve invested in that had a lower minimum. I think a 100 was the lowest, but it’s been a while ago.

Not sure why exactly the minimum is there, but I guess it doesn’t make sense to have 10.000 people invest only 1 Euro. I’d think that 250/500 would still be worthwhile though.

I hope there aren’t a 100 people waiting until the minimum is reached before investing, that would be a shame especially if the pitch doesn’t make it in the end. Hopefully some big investors will get aboard and trigger the people who are waiting to invest as well.

I think what happens is that MaidSafe will need to consider other options for additional funding. Perhaps the MAID price will take a beating as well as it’s seen as a negative that the project didn’t get additional funding this time around. That may be an incentive for (large) MAID holders to consider investing in the BTTF pitch.

We have obviously been considering the prospect of the campaign not being funded, it is certainly not over yet and we have been looking at some incentives to try and move the round out of it’s stagnant state, you will see more on this in the next day or so. In the background, we are currently negotiating a partnership that will provide MaidSafe with additional funding, but also provide access to one of the world’s largest markets. We would love to tell you more at this stage, but as the deal is not yet agreed and not guaranteed so we need to keep our lips sealed, for now at least.

In addition we have over 19 million MAID left and we have been liquidating Omni from the crowd sale as there has been a very small resurgence in the past couple of months, I think due to Omni supporting the Bitfinex token issue. We are taking a huge hit on the cost, but as we had effectively written them off in feels like a nice bonus.

So we are working hard to make the BF campaign as successful as possible and your ongoing help is really appreciated, but should we not make it, the company still has a decent level of funding and with development progressing, it makes it easier to raise more funds and also gets the company closer to becoming self sufficient.