MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising

Yeah I agree with you it would make more sense to me if the link was private until it went live. Instead of some people being able to invest before it’s live because they’ve found the link.

Synereo’s pitch is a little sketchy to me. A lot of people are asking questions about the amp bonus because the terms are confusing and the devs aren’t answering anyone’s questions. The forum on maidsafe’s pitch looks much more legitimate because the devs are there answering and helping people out


I noticed this one as well. Looks like they got the money and feel no needs to answer to investors. Maidsafe doing a way better job.


I could tell in the Bnk forum that was the big interest


David says it in the bttf pitch, that they will “potentially” earn from the 5% stream.
Watch the pitch video again from 2:40. It’s pretty clear I think. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything written about it specifically… Maybe you are confusing the 5% that the foundation holds and the shareholders will be able to trade their equity for?

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5% of all safecoin is held in trust by the foundation to buy back shares from investors if the investor wishes to sell them that is.

5% are core rewards, we stand to make a % of that, initially very high, hopefully tapering off.

10% are app dev rewards, we really want to push this to others and Viv is very focussed on us not earning much here. There are ongoing ideas to push other projects forward, even us providing Engineering time direct amongst others.

Licensing of tech to corporates to handle existing data centers more efficiently (even getting rid of data centers requires accounting write down for many corporates).

Partnerships with joint venture partners globally

Engineering consulting

The largest growth and profits, I believe are in what does not even exist yet. Such as secure medical record sharing, connecting machines, particularly medical instruments and autonomous vehicles etc. and then of course the Internet of Things. Much of these areas have the potential for immense growth and we are in a great position as a business to take advantage of the skills and capability of an already global team of Engineers and support staff.

I imagine when we get up for air and time to breath we will make partnership deals with many companies, large and small, but globally. I am not interested in a vertical Western market and much more inclined to globally immersive approach.

Phase II will be very interesting as we will make partners of competitors and try very hard to lead a new fresh approach to open business practices and clean clear talking.


This is outstanding…

@dirvine Is any of this in the BNK pitch?


Thanks David for the clarification!

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Mostly, but not as succinct and not as much clarity perhaps about future revenue streams. It’s a pretty defined area for a pitch and follows a format that it uncomfortable for me anyway.

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I feel you… Uh, constraints. :confounded:

Btw, love the new video!


I went through the pitch and didnt find anything as eloquent and efficient as your post here. The pitch desperately needs that. I agree with you and see the pitch area is pretty poorly structured but you choose the verbiage.


Maybe put it on the bttf forum?

This leads me to highlight something to anyone who’s already invested. If you’d like to invest more, you do not have to meet the minimum amount again. If you’ve already invested you can simply top it up if you wish, even with a tiny amount. I was quite impressed when I discovered this fact!

Because of the "top-up"feature which I just mentioned, you could sell off little bits of MSC if you want to and buy more MaidSafe. :grinning:

It’s pretty handy that people can invest the minimum with the knowledge that there’s the flexibility to add a bit more as and when.


There should not have to be an explanation of anything. That is a sign of a poorly constructed presentation. Be it the copy or the video. When confusion reigns its no consolation that the after-the-fact explanations were good.

Yes sir, in an organized and well thought manner.

Yes, but the problem is that this friggin alpha caught me off guard so if I sold coins now, I’d lose money. See, it’s the alphas fault, not mine :sunglasses:

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Crowdfunding is 99% a marketing exercise

I’d really like to see this campaign succeed.

Is there a day by day plan for this crowdfunding bid?

I’ve logged into the forum to read the post, but why don’t I have an email notification about the opportunity?

Surely I should be getting email updates about the campaign’s progress from Maidsafe?

Why isn’t the link to the crowdfunding page at top of this page but buried further down in this thread?

Is this the only place it is being promoted?

Where are the articles being placed about the campaign?

Why is the minimum investment so high?

Why does the Synero page show prices for different pledges but the Maidsafe page doesn’t have any pledge levels visible without creating a login?

I hope you can find ways of promoting it daily and allowing for other pledge levels to participate.

Good luck


I’ll try to answer a few questions, don’t know the answer to every single one of them.

You didn’t need to login to the forum to read this post or are you talking about the bnk to the future forum?

An email from Maidsafe went out when the campaign went live, don’t know if they’re going to send another one later on.

This thread is a sticky so everyone should see this thread.

Twitter and some news articles as well.

The other questions I can’t answer but I’m sure someone from Maidsafe will answer those soon for you :slight_smile:


I’m quite surprised this is advancing so slowly after such a promising start. What could be the reason?

Thanks for the replies.

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I made a new thread to gather various sites we could use to spread the word.