Commercial Licence and Safe Network Licence

I am happily compiling the maidsafe client and am going to build a angular website using the rest api. Rust is very promising i like it already !

As I get into this wonderful project I need to understand the basics of how I can use the proprietary software - even if it is Open Source.

From the “ Commercial Licence” I read that MaidSafe will charge a 1% fee on all “Qualifying Revenue” resulting from the use of MaidSafe prorietary software.

What is this and how does this relate to the SAFE Network licence and MaidSafeCoin as a funding mechanism?

This is the quoted section from Commercial Licence:

  1. Customer shall pay to MaidSafe 1% of Qualifying Revenue.

2 “Qualifying Revenue” shall mean any revenue generated directly or indirectly by Customer or
any Affiliate of Customer through:

  (a)   use of the Software (including any modified version of the Software or any software that
        is based on or includes any part of the Software); or

  (b)   the provision of services directly or indirectly to any person using the Software
        (including any modified version of the Software or any software that is based on or
        includes any part of the Software),

  ("Qualifying Activities") less any VAT charged on such Qualifying Activities.
  1. Where any Qualifying Activity is discounted or provided for free (whether through bundling or
    otherwise) it will be deemed to be provided at market rate and the relevant Qualifying Revenue
    shall be calculated accordingly.

  2. The charges will be payable quarterly in arrears.

  3. Within 5 days of the end of each month Customer will provide to MaidSafe a statement setting
    out the Qualifying Revenue for the month. MaidSafe shall invoice Customer within 5 days of
    the end of each third month. Where no statement is provided or MaidSafe has cause to believe
    it to be inaccurate it may invoke its audit rights under this agreement.

We never have and very likely never will issue a commercial proprietary license. You should do your best to comply with GPL3 if you build libraries for the network that are part of the core. For apps using the API as you are talking about, you can do what you like. So there should be no restriction whatsoever on you.

The commercial license part is something we should probably remove, but not as of yet the contributor agreement.

tl;dr There is no license restriction on any apps being built against these client API’s
There is for use of core libs in that they are GPL3 and if used directly then there is a restriction on derivatives to be compliant with that license.


Thank you, David, for your clarification.

I was worried by the Commercial Licence included in the client.

I will then, at no point, be required to pay 1% of revinue from my commercial activity on the SAFE Network to MaidSafe.


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