MaidSafe Dev Update - March 23, 2017

Today, we are releasing Test 15. :tada: See this topic to download the binaries for Test 15:

The new safe_app APIs have been shaping up well. The Node.js API should facilitate development of applications using Node.js and the DOM API should make it easy to build dynamic web applications. Over the weeks, we have tried various approaches to ease the installation process and, having integrated the dependency downloader, usage of the safe_app_nodejs library is now much simpler.

Though the browser and the apps can be built manually and used with the mock routing feature of safe_client_libs, we still need to provide a dev mode for browser and the Node.js API. This will be useful for the devs to switch between the real network and the mock network as and when required during the course of development and testing. This will also help facilitate running test cases for applications using mock routing, along with some additional test functions, so that the test cases can be executed without the dependency of the Authenticator.

We are also planning to work on a developer website, which will host all the resources for application developers as well as helping them learn about the networks core concepts. The developer website will be hosting the content for fundamentals on getting started, API documentation, tutorials…etc… This is just being specced out this week and more information will be shared soon.

Now that the Node.js API is becoming stable, we are planning to start implementing the Java APIs in a couple of weeks. The Java APIs can be used for Android applications too. This will open the door to start testing on mobile, which will be exciting!

SAFE Authenticator & API

@bochaco and @shankar have worked hard to implement the DOM APIs and also to test them. During the course of implementation, there were a few scenarios for which they had come up with alternate solutions as some eventualities were not supported out of the box. However, they have integrated the DOM APIs with the SAFE Browser and also have been testing them for the last couple of days. @bochaco is creating simple snippets to test the API integration while @shankar is porting the Markdown editor sample to the latest API.

@lightyear is porting the email application to the safe_app_nodejs API, along with the fixes for the bugs that we come across as we keep wiring up more examples.

@bochaco and @frabrunelle are also working on a post to explain how to build the browser and example applications, along with some very simple sample snippets to showcase the usage of the DOM APIs. We are hoping to post this on the SAFE Dev Forum early next week.

SAFE Client Libs & Crust

Vault support for MutableData is progressing. The integration tests that cover the MaidManagers are fixed. They compile and run but a couple of them keep failing. So we’re currently investigating that.

Carl started the actual implementation of the uTP protocol in Rust last Friday. Next week, we are hoping to get some early news about how things are progressing in terms of the uTP API.

Routing & Vault

We extended the unit tests, especially for tunnels (nodes that help connect two nodes that fail to establish a direct connection) and section merges, which exposed a few issues. So lots of debugging this week, but we managed to solve several problems and at the same time simplify the merge process.


first :smiley: yay

Check out our live QA here!

Ask any questions you want :smiley:


Congrats on Test 15! Fingers crossed it turns into Alpha 2 :relaxed:


Looks like only 8 ppl are allowed fsr …? Message said “Room is full”


because a few people were asking for it @Deadloch @dlux etc



Vault support for MutableData is progressing.

No MD for test 15?

yeah that was the plan all along I think.

TEST 15 will still have all the old data types etc, and then the tests after it will BEGIN to test MD, which will lead to Alpha 3 which will actually have it


Local vault up and running:


When is the Safe Browser and Launcher going to merge?


Alpha 3 … and it won’t be called “Launcher” anymore. Name will officially be “Authenticator”

(but will be tested in TESTs before that)


No, Mutable Data will be for a later test network. See this dev update for more info.

SAFE Browser and SAFE Launcher are not going to be merged together (or maybe I misunderstand your question?).

It’s a different paradigm :slight_smile: The SAFE Browser will come with a built-in “SAFE Authenticator”, which will allow users to create an account / login and authorize applications.


I have doubts about SHA-3. One paper says: “experimental results show the KECCAK
hash function has excellent pseudo randomness” –

They used the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Statistical Test Suit.

And here is a Dr Dobb’s test: “Compared with SHA-1 and SHA-2, SHA-3 has a smaller cascade rate. It changes only three hash bytes for every change in message byte. SHA-3 showed a slight bit of skew. The right half of its message hash has twelve more 1s than the left half.” – Keccak: The New SHA-3 Encryption Standard | Dr Dobb's

So much for good randomness. Both SHA-3 and NIST’s test suit are flawed it seems.


This is what I meant :grinning:


Thanks Maidsafe team for all your hard work “You guys ROCK”.

Good way to start my weekend, with another sweet Network to play on

Happy testing everyone


Awesome! Looking forward to playing around with this. Also great to hear about mobile testing coming in a few weeks!


Is there a way I could look at my own private files through the browser? I upload a test website privately.


I wouldn’t trust anything coming from NIST - it is a governmental body and not independent from political manipulation.


Excellent news guys! I’ll be downloading and trying this new test out.


any early news so far on how the network is performing?

are these early minutes of the network looking up to par at least?

#SAFE-FS Sites back up and running on TEST15:


Navigate to those links in your SAFE Browser with Launcher 10.3 to see them. They are the SAFE-FS Demo Web App (for getting ID’s and publishing websites), the SecretChat encrypted messaging app, the MaidSafe Timeline website documenting company events, the APP ZERO live example, the visual directory with images for the different available SAFE services, and the SAFEtube YouTube example with watchable videos.