Maidsafe charity status and posting quarterly reports?

What is the specific legal entity classification of the Maidsafe foundation? For example there are 501(c) entities in the US, I’m wondering what Maidsafe is classified as on the technical/legal level. (maybe something to add to the company page on

Many charities are required to post quarterly earning/expense reports. Does Maidsafe have a similar requirement? And if not, is it something that has been discussed?

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You mistake, by ignorance or purposely, Maidsafe Ltd. with Maidsafe Foundation.

One is a Company Registered in Scotland No. SC297540, the other is a registered charity foundation with number SC042032. (20 second google search).

Imagine, like most eastern countries, the reports for both companies are public.

Whoa cool it digipl we’re all friends here, that’s straight insulting.

You joke, but I’ve literally not once seen the maidsafe foundation website posted anywhere, and fully expected it was an unseen legal overseer of the Maidsafe Company.

In my mind that’s a big distinction, I’m pretty actively engaged and follow the developments of the network and I’m taken aback that I didn’t have a clear understanding that the Maidsafe Foundation was a different entity than the Maidsafe Company.

You can tell me it’s my fault for not understanding that, but what it shows me is a breakdown in communication. Every single notice about the Maidsafe Company is explaining that the Maidsafe Co does not own the SAFE Network protocol etc, and that the patents are registered to the Maidsafe Foundation. Not once anywhere have I read about the separation or oganization of the Foundation versus the Company and how those two entities interact.

Ah easy error. The foundation was set up with 50% of the shares of maidsafe as a separate legal entity (charity). It holds the msafe coins or will anyway hold the 5% block which it will use to fund itself and offer to buy back shares form all exiting maidsafe shareholders with it. Eventually I hope it owns maidsafe limited, but that is up to shareholders really.

There are a few threads from early on explaining it all so you should be OK :wink:



Awwwww :relieved:

Reading through the officers of Maidsafe Ltd. just now, I saw the names of some of your family proudly listed, choked me up a bit.

I know you’ve mentioned it before but it seeing it in the official documents really starts to put your journey into perspective.

Shout out to John and Kathryn Irvine :heart: