Maidsafe at Mobile World Congress 2015 | Scottish Development International


Love this video…gives a nice feeling of the team and the workspace, something that was somewhat lacking apart from a photo of the team wearing the Tshirts outside.

Silicon Valley investors, what is/was that about? Maybe that was prior to the decision to have the crowd sale.

I know there’s a heap of EU tech money available for startups, was going to mention it here, but assumed Maidsfae were not accepting sponsorship.


This as the leave no stone unturned approach I always have, although I have spoken with many investors it’s always made clear this is an open source and value giving project. So not the usual business plan stuff. Ideally we always look for partners, but partners must be aligned with the vision, which really annoys many institutional investors. We thought Silicon Valley would be different, but it was not, in fact if anything it was worse, you have 40 mins to beg for a meal if you can promise riches beyond belief for no effort. Not my scene really

I hope all that changes now and we can show there are ways to provide value and not expect payment in privacy or cash for doing so.

We did believe there were some investors interested in helping people and make money later out there, but I figure they are also few and far between. I wish they would realise the world has huge opportunities that cannot be business planned with hockey stick shape revenue graphs and swat analysis. It will take brave souls to move forward and fools to look for a quick buck, the brave souls will end up vastly better rewarded.

I see the crowd sale as getting a bunch of not only interested but capable supporters. I cannot see that happening with the majority of institutional investors.


Really love this video. Although bitesize, it makes it crystal clear what Maidsafe is.

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To bad its ridiculously expensive to get in. :confused:

If anyone has a spare pass for WMC then please let me know… I live locally but agree the walk in price is not cheap :s and would love to see Safe there spreading the word…