maidSAFE as server for running PoS nodes

I have a question: Will it be possible to run staking PoS nodes on Maidsafe?

We are doing a crypto project that requires some amount of centralization, for this Maidsafe seems like the logical choice, in order to avoid all the security issues. Basically, we need a server to run some larger centralized nodes for staking, and the checkpoint server, indefinitely.

Could this work as a more permanent solution relative to other types of servers (if at all)? We’d like to make the nodes staking as autonomously as possible, so it would be great if we could just establish a server, load it with funds for 10 years and lock it for that duration…

How frequently do you need to checkpoint?

Oh, the checkpoint will be separate of course, as its needed for forks… but it would be nice if we could have staking nodes, staking away, undisturbed in safety.