MaidSafe applications

I am very interested in knowing more about what applications can be used with with maidsafe. I have seen the list that says voip, social networks, etc. I understand how maidsafe will work with files through chunking the parts. I am trying to understand how it will work with items other then files. ( I hope I am asking the question correctly)


It’s the same as the current internet just upgraded.

Anything can be done!!


I know what you mean, will it be possible to use websites and that sort of stuff next to files in some sort of filesystem ala dropbox. Well, it is possible. People will be able to create websites with a url as well. Think of something like safe://myweblog
The website will be created quite like a normal website using html/css/javascript etc. When it’s stored the proces of creating chunks applies as well. So someone can create a website or an app like you see in the chrome webstore. Next to that people can make programs running on your PC which use the API to connect to the Safenet when your Maidsafeclient is running.

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It may be helpful @alexanderdan0226 if you are more specific with your question, is there a specific functionality or feature you are looking for?


I was trying to find a good way to say what i was wondering. I am wondering how maidsafe would work with voip and other applications. I am trying to get a understanding.

Secure voice and video chat is a huge problem and one I think that everyone hopes SAFE can solve down the road, but there may be latency problems due to the nature of end to end encryption.