MaidSafe and tracking of bandwidth transferred

Would anybody who has intimate knowledge of the project be able to tell me whether MaidSafe is capable of tracking bandwidth transferred from point A to point B in a trustless manner?

EDIT: I feel I should clarify. does the MaidSafe protocol keep track of a user’s rank in terms of how much they upload to one individual? Where might I find this code?

I think your question doesn’t apply, at least in the way put.

If user (point A) uploads a file it is split into chunks which end up in different random locations (not point B, but B1, B2 … Bn). However, each chunk is also replicated, say four copies per chunk, (so really B1.1, B1.2, … Bn.4).

To add to the confusion, churn (nodes joining and leaving) causes old copies of a chunk to disappear and new copies sent to other nodes all the time!


Yes…but if there is a request for that data…how is it recorded in a trustless manner that that data has been sent and thus reliable safecoin rewarding? Does anything of this nature go on?

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Does anybody have an answer?

I think the problem is that your question (especially with your thread heading) is confusing. Not sure what it is you are asking.

Seems some background study of the system docs might answer by giving the context of the network. At least you’d have better context for someone to get what you’re asking.

I see. My bad in that. I will go and read them and come back with a different thread.

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@VoR0220 I think you ask a good question. I understand how some of the checks operate, but I don’t know what ensures that a node forwards chunks passed to it on their way somewhere else. This is not quite what you asked, but is important so it interests me.

I think it might have been explained somewhere but don’t remember. I’ve tried to imagine how it might work but can’t, so I’m very interested in the answer.

Great question!

Not tracking data but lottery each good Get

Ah…so it monitors when a good get has been confirmed and then according to how many good gets to data consumed you are rewarded at random from the pot of safecoins used to purchase space on the network? Does your probability of getting more rise with a better rating of good puts?

@happybeing Who do you know that might know an answer to that? Should I start a new thread to ask said question because I think that is interesting as well.

I don’t want to hassle the team, and they are the people who know! There may well be stuff in the documentation, but not everything is there. I’ve a feeling this might have been answered by David in a post somewhere but have no idea how to find it. You could try a new topic and hope someone from the team will respond but I know they are very busy trying to get testnet2 complete.

I see. I may be waiting a while. That’s all good then. I’m sure this will get answered eventually.