Let's get ED. SNWDN all about SAFE

So I’m an avid Redditor, and I’m on it DAILY (until SAFEnews comes out:),

and i swear, like EVERY DAY Ed. S.den is somewhere near the top page (which is no small feat, mind you!!), talking about how one of the following are spying on us / stealing our data:

  • Apple
  • NSA / CIA
  • Google (taking over the world with AI)
  • Facebook
  • etc, etc, etc

so this guy CLEARLY is all about what we are trying to make, and discusses it with the world like all day every day. which is awesome :smile:

So, let’s all message him, however we can, and get the message to him about project SAFE.

If he just KNEW about it, I’m sure he would promote the H3LL out of it for us, for free every day.

And it would get pretty big and even attract some of the masses of C++ devs out there in the world, who could help out with everything on GitHub, etc.

So I’m getting to work on finding all the contact info for S.den as possible, and trying to message him about it,

but I’m sure if enough of us keep doing it, the message will get through.

And he is DYING for something like this.

What better spokesperson for SAFE could possibly exist?


Let’s wait until SAFE has actually launched. Having Snowden as an evangelist also gets MaidSafe in the cross-hairs of opponents as a major target. We really shouldn’t want that right now, and not even immediately after launch. The network’s security is dependent on it’s size vs. any attacker’s size. Early attacks or infiltration when the network has just launched could be extremely harmful.

It’s better if we stay fairly under the radar, initially. Get the early adopters, some of the privacy crowd, some of the crypto-currency crowd, and other tech pioneers, and then gradually let it grow through word of mouth and websites in those communities. At that point the network should be big enough to use a nuclear bomb like Snowden.

For the time being we’re too vulnerable to risk getting high on the priority list of all the world’s intelligence agencies…


The thought about Snowden has also crossed my mind… totally agree that he could be our most powerful
ally. but yeah, maybe time’s too early now.

and come to think of it: he might actually know about SAFE already. that guy is sharp.
funny to imagine he could be reading this very thread right in this moment :wink:


And yet SAFE may be the best chance to reduce Snowden’s sacrifice.

In the vein of Richard David Steele, you have to wonder when these agencies can’t see stuff like SAFE. They have to already be trying to meddle. But at the same time there has to be a lot of people in these agencies that are completely behind efforts like SAFE trying to allow it to succeed. After all Snowden himself came from these ranks, he is very likely not unique, others with the same sentiments are possibly more encumbered. There have been many leakers who have risked everything. But I do share the sentiment that SAFE itself just like a plane will be safer once aloft.

Snowden if your reading this, please help out with security and try to find vulnerabilities on the SAFE network. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great idea, but I have to agree with @Seneca that it’s to soon.

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Ok, great to have such great minds around this project.

Glad I read this before I hit “send” on my email to him :smile:

You guys are the best. And you’re right, I guess I was just a little overexcited…

…I tend to get that way… :stuck_out_tongue:

Things will happen when the time is right.

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Wow you completely blew my mind with that one… That’s an amazing thought…

Hi S.den!! We’ve got your back :slight_smile:

Mark had that note on here somewhere where Wikileaks was following Mark on twitter etc. That probably makes the connection right there.

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If it’s possible don’t write his name, better write ES or something.
We really don’t need to be under radar.

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You’re right,

so I just edited all occurances of his name to Ed. S.den :smile:

just to be SAFE

You guys are all pretty cool and so protective of safe its amusing and yet nice. I honestly think the crypto-revolution is going to change the financial world. Just like they are talking about Bitcoin being a new asset class, I can imagine what they will be saying about Project Safe when its running good. Data is the new gold/oil and project safe provides the new asset class backed by storage and data.

I have rarely seen so much passion around things tech although I haven’t been around that long(being 33yr old or so), I doubt even the internet in the 90s had a world wide following from inception like this projects currently do. Can you imagine customers being part of every design discussion along the way, for any company and voluntarily too. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I guess that is @dirvine is happy about the whole community so far. When you are building something for people, you want to see them engaged in it so much. Happy new year to Project Safe and Safecoins, can’t wait till I see this thing live… :smile: .


I’m pretty sure Snowden is onto us, or at least he is thinking in the same direction that we are.

This article just came out a couple of hours ago.

Snowden quote:

“But we have decentralized routing models now…we can use cryptographic tokens or hashes to represent an individual, we can have transient tokenization, and we’ve got all these blockchains and different methods of tracking and recording interactions with complex systems that could substitute for the traditional models we’ve had. The real question is where do we go with this?”

this is the interview between Schneier and Snowden being written about in the article.


I think this short video gives another reason to at least pause and give more thought to reaching out to S.den at any stage of the project.

Meh, you can make such a video about practically anyone or anything. He doesn’t really have a solid argument or story, just that some things seem strange to him, half of which have pretty obvious explanations.

Let’s turn the game around! I think that Mr. Greene is being used by US secret services to sow discord in the pro-privacy camp through videos like this. Have you ever heard of the saying “divide and conquer”? What better way to control those wary of government power than getting some guy to host a YouTube show called “Alternative Media TV” to influence them and use their fears and distrust against them? Pure infiltration, something intelligence agencies excel at!

See? Easy.

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