Lecture 2 - The SAFE Network from First Principles

Date and time: Tuesday, December 16 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: Bitcoin Embassy (3485 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC)

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@erick will give the second lecture of The SAFE Network from First Principles. He will go more in depth on MaidSafe-Routing. This is a follow-up on the first lecture that was presented on October 26th:


6:00 PM Arrive early to meet other SAFE Enthusiasts

6:40 PM Final preparations before starting the live broadcast

7:00 PM Erick’s lecture

8:00 PM Question period

8:30 PM - 9:00 PM Stay around to talk with other SAFE Enthusiasts


Erick Lavoie is a Ph.D student in computer science at McGill University. He is currently interested in leveraging end-user computational resources, in the form of storage, bandwidth, and computational power to solve important scientific and engineering problems. Concretely, he is building a peer-to-peer infrastructure using web technologies for running distributed MATLAB code.




Bitcoin Embassy


So when you bootstrap, you get an IP address, a port, and a public key. So then you would use the public key to “lock” something in, and then once the bootstrap node gets your message, it can prove that it has the private key to the public address, and then you move on from there.

One of the guys in the audience seemed to think that was a problem because you are sending an unsecured connection? I’m not sure that I fully understand what his objection was.

But if there is some problem with trusting the bootstrap node, then why have it be the private key of the bootstrap node. Just have an XOR address, and then allow the bootstrap node to simply send on the message, obscured through XOR space, just as everything is and then when the XOR message gets to where ever its going, that Node uses its private key to open the message, which in addition to the message includes the original IP address of the first sender, and then connection can be made that way.

That way the public “Bootstrap” node, would never respond to any message it receives, it would simply send them along.