Learning how to use SAFE storage APIs

I’m trying to understand how to use the storage APIs provided by SAFE and have been looking into the REST and POSIX draft specs inside maidsafe-Network-File-System.

I’m stuck trying to see where “maidsafe:nfs:Storage” is defined, which atm represents a big hole in my understanding of what is available and how to use it. Is there anything, either really old sample code or draft specs that I can look at. I don’t need something that builds, just want to get as good a picture as I can. I’ve looked in the old Drive library but I can’t see anywhere this talks to the network (at least no sign of maidsafe:nfs:Storage).

I have some cunning plans forming and would like to understand the bare metal of SAFE Storage (REST, POSIX and NFS APIs) so I can think in more depth about implementation patterns.

Any guidance @vtnerd or @dirvine as to the status of these APIs, sample code (even that never built), and particularly maidsafe:nfs:Storage?

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All part of upcoming sprint :wink: give us a few days to get the planning finished and you can see the sprint task in Jira, this of course means documentation comes with the code. We are hoping for vaults with safecoin farming rate inbuilt (you wont see it though, it’s the internal vault analysis and calculation) and at least client login / put /get and one of the API’s posix or Restful. A large pool opf tasks to sort today and tomorrow so we need time to analyse it all and see what the sprint can provide. As always when it works you will get an example to run and see :wink: