Leap Seconds cause computer chaos: any implications for MaidSafe?

Could leap seconds be an issue for the network, or for client apps - especially security?

Computer chaos feared as scientists let world catch up with clocks

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Nice article @happybeing

The Earth’s spin is gradually slowing down, by about two thousandths
of a second per day, but atomic clocks are constant. That means that
occasionally years have to be lengthened slightly, to allow the slowing
Earth to catch up with the constant clock.

But last time it happened, in 2012, it took down much of the internet. Reddit,
Foursquare, Yelp and LinkedIn all reported problems, and so did the
Linux operating system and programmes using Java.

The article mentioned that google had a nice fix for th problem, it could be nice if they let everyone else know…

Best to avoid time altogether, its a man made daft invention to split seasons up fro farming and we took it too far. If non local events are time handled then errors happen. I prefer event driven and only use very local timers for events if at all but extremely local and very temporary.

I suppose the moon is slowing more than us since its likely it that we are dragging with our waves trying to pull it down as it pulls our water up. And all the while we are accelerating away form the centre :slight_smile: So we better be even more careful with times on moon bases :slight_smile:


In one thousand years, scientists might realize that the earth is speeding up; and the clocks are too slow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Theres a separate time issue with the Posix/Rest API that we are unlikely to fix before launch. We have to use local clocks for timestamping when data was stored, but users clocks are often incorrect. Its possible to see some funky timestamps on stored data as a result. This shouldn’t create any issues internally, but could cause problems for clients of the API if they assume the timestamps always move forward.