Knowledge Deficiency

Hi Team, one thing is becoming more and more evident as I read along in the forum. Of course I want to get to my Level 1 trust status so I can download the browser, but whats becoming more evident as I go along is that I have a HHUUUGGGEE educational deficit to overcome. Can someone “please” suggest some topics of education that could be useful in this beginners stage of involvement with the SafeNet initiative. I understand the big picture…Decentralized Internet, but how does an average Joe like me take part (constructive contribution) in something of such monumental proportions and technical necessity. Sure I also get the concept of vaults and using my laptop as a storage device for farming, but the initiative has such potential that I would really like to acquire the necessary knowledge to do things that would help the SafeNet achieve its full potential. I mean I can barely get exel to do what I want it to :slight_smile:, but if I had a syllabus of topics to guide me along I´m sure I could educate myself. So team, if theres anyone out there that can feel me…drop me a line, and we can communicate.


Welcome Stanley, Reading and joining in on the forum is the best place to start, but after that it’s hard to advise until you have ideas about how you’d like to contribute.

These are the two links I generally share, so see what questions arise from them and ask this again when you have an idea where you might join in.

Technology Primer:

Quick Intro:

Good luck, Mark


Thanks Mark, definitely will do. I´ve read a few of your posts and I´m glad that you responded so quickly…I´ll keep you informed on my progress and will of course post all further questions.


It takes time. After you get about 7days of forum read time you will likely have absorbed the bulk of the info. Things are always changing though :wink:

The safe network primer is the best place to start, and will bring you up to speed. It didn’t exist when some of us first started learning about the project. Same goes with the safe network fundamentals that MaidSafe just published.