Irrevokably future publishing

I kinda figured this would happen.

I suspect that once the SAFE network is live, you could pretty easily upload a dozen videos, and write a immutable webpage script that publishes them one at a time over the course of 12 weeks.

Submitting these items to the network would be irrevocable – nobody could prevent these from being published – No court order, no bribery, no bullet to the head… Nothing could stop it.



They also could’ve uploaded the footage through a torrent, which would make it practically immutable as well. Looks like they wanted to publish it only on TV or some other controlled channel, for whatever reason.

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Even if it is out in the wild, A court can prevent you from linking to it…

But if you published the links in a time delayed fashion, it would be unstoppable.

I am sure that time release is a better strategy, to keep the dialog moving, but it does run the risk of censorship as we are seeing now…

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The law has to change to fit around technical progress. There is no alternative to this.