@ioptio MaidSafe, a secure and serverless internet - BattleMeshV8

MaidSafe is secure platform for decentralised storage and communications. Paige will overview the technology, its stack (including the Crust library built for reliable p2p network connections) and design considerations for mesh network integration. The founder David Irvine will join over a voice call for questions and discussion.
URL: MaidSafe · GitHub

cheering on @ioptio!!

Watch the live stream!


Is it the next one, within 2 hours?

@piluso Yes, that’s right.

In 35 min. I’ll be watching! Good luck to @ioptio and @dirvine :+1:


where can I buy maidsafe t shirt?

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This presentation was kind of a let down.

Lol, let’s hear yours then!

Jk jk but how so? I quite liked it

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I do kinda of agree , it was a let down also because the complex technical nature of the subject.
The delivery of the content was not her best work and question time with david did not happen.
I am not sure what level the audience was at and if they where developers of other mesh networks but the average guy on the street would be left confused.
Half way through the presentation to the end paige confidence grew and it was quite good and easy to follow.
maidsafe needs to present to the end user as did the other speakers in the other presentations.

The question answered should classic who, when, what and why?
and then give out the recipe and the ingredents of the cake.
maybe compare to another flavor of cake like torrenting and expand on this.
I would like to hear about those “ants” in the network comparison.

Maybe the forum should have a competition of whom can write the best maidsafe introduction speech and the winner gets a prize of maidsafe tokens.


Haha, I mean it was quite entertaining! And I love Paige. I’ve heard her speak before and its been great but I think the technical difficulties and the fact that the boss was watching! Might of taken her off of her game!

The series of “and… uhm” was quite distracting.
I think @ioptio should practice a little more with a mock audience before the presentation.

props for @ioptio getting out there and making the effort. It is definitely more than I’m doing right now…and I’m terrified with public speaking.

I think her watching the whole thing back is more than enough “feedback” she would need.


Public speaking is scary, but you can train yourself to get used to it.
One of the best decisions in my life was to take a drama class in college. The first exercises they made me do ridiculous stuff on stage, repeating non-sense aloud and jumping around like an epileptic kagaroo.
That was a great exercise to shake off the stage fright with a great laugh… and knowing that you can’t do worse than that, everything else you do there on stage will be okay, it is all uphill from there.

Next thing the professor told us that nervousness makes us forget about breathing, so to always remember to breathe deeply and slowly.

The next thing is to train diction and to remove filler words (uh and ums), for that it helps to have a mock audience who can listen to you.
We use these fillers to verbalize the act of thinking, like the blinking LED of a hard drive.
Also you can minimize the act of thinking itself by practicing your speech a lot, so you don’t have to improvise an answer by reasoning (an um hotspot!), but extracting it straight from memory.
If you must think or it is hard to recall, the best move there is to simply pause, don’t be afraid of the silence.


These might all be fun to watch:


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