Interesting Job Posting


Also network specialist, it’s all getting more serious and long term now as it should :wink: We need to scale for sure. If there are folks in the community so inclined then it’s a double whamy for us. Time to look to scale fast :wink:


What I wouldn’t do to be in the area to apply for the network specialist job. I use to do technical support for a company called eSoft. It was bought out by a new company called Untangle. All their devices ran on Linux.

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I would love to fill these jobs from the community, we all would, expertise is great, passion is probably better. We need both really, a tough ask. We always have this community and as long as we do right by them the passion will there, as we grow we get both. Soon, soon :wink:


This job sounds right up my alley, but alas I am getting too old and would be retiring in a few years. Not a good time to move to the UK. Also I am sure that there are more suitable younger people who would have that extra getup and go needed for what sounds more like a semi-management role. Working for myself and bringing up kids on my own never allowed me the luxury of management.

Although it certainly does sound like an exciting job, plenty of opportunities and get to work with some cutting edge sw tech to boot. My first job after uni was r&d on cutting edge comms some 35 years ago and I know of the excitement and fulfilment that comes from working in that arena,

I am sure David that you will get many talented people applying for the job. At first read I was wondering if you were looking for an offsider to pass off some of your workload to.

Oh I am :smiley: Plus man yer never to old to contribute. Seriously I am very keen to become irrelevant in MaidSafe as much as I am keen MaidSafe is irrelevant in SAFE. I always have been. I believe it makes us all stronger. Not that I don’t have ideas I really want to pursue related to all of this, but maybe a bit too crazy to do as part of the job I do full time and more, so if I can get evenings back occasionally it would be great.


I wonder when you’ll be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

The SAFE Network is going to change the world for the better!

I think of all the possibilities that the SAFE Network makes possible and my mind just gets a bit carried away.

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Can I nominate him right now I’m not busy with anything right now

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