Installing icu-staticlibs on Arch, when icu is being needed

Just wanted to install the local test of maidsafe, but then got stuck, when I should install icu-staticlibs. I have icu installed required by many packages including standard packages like chromium. Since icu-staticlibs would like to install the exact same files, it cannot be installed (of course).

Anyone knows a workaround for this? maidsafe cannot be compiled with icu (without staticlibs).

The only thing coming to my mind, is using a virtual machine OS without icu.

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I think this requirement is removed in recent commits, it was a boost dependency (regex I believe) and now we have upped to gcc 4.9 the regex works without boost now. It may be traversing Qa at the moment, of course I may be wrong, but I don’t believe we need this now.

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@dirvine I cloned the git repo about an hour ago and when calling the cmake command (cmake -H../Programming/MaidSafe -Bbuild_maidsafe -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug) it downloaded boost automatically. So it seems, boost is still required.

-- Downloading boost 1.57.0 to /home/username/maidsafe_build/build_maidsafe

and then finally failing with

-- Building b2 (bjam)
CMake Error at cmake_modules/add_boost.cmake:312 (message):
    For libicui18n.a, libicuuc.a & licudata.a must be installed to a standard location. on Ubuntu/Debian, run
    sudo apt-get install libicu-dev
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  src/third_party_libs/CMakeLists.txt:40 (include)

Local gcc version is 4.9.2. Just updated my whole system with my remaining network capacity(?). That’s also the background of the question. I’m on 10GB per month data volume at the moment and can’t afford to use too much… Only at the end of the month (today), I try to do all jobs requiring a lot of network bandwidth. And now I have only about 300MB left.

Yes boost will be required for sure, but not boost::regex which I think may be the issue here. Can you try commenting out 289->319 in the add_boost.cmake file? Seems to be for boost::locale and that one is a nightmare as well when the static libs are not available


Worked :slight_smile: