I'm thinking of buying bitshares

I read their explanation of what it is, and I have plenty of background. But I want to get as many opinions as possible so I can make a wise decision. Any opinions?

Maybe if you bullet point the pro’s and con’s as you see them, then it might help others to provide constructive input better suited to your desires.

Also it will help us who have not yet looked into bit shares.

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I see no problem for having a variety of investments. Put here and there, don’t put it all in one basket.


As far as 2.0 projects go i have most of my eggs bet on maidsafe and bitshares. IMO they are the 2 leading, undervalued coins/tokens out there today by a long shot.


I realize I’m not adding much to this topic but I have to say that my friend gave up on investing in BitShares based on the vocal association (Bitxx Hairs). I don’t track their price so I can’t tell whether that was a good call.

I’ll tell you all one thing. BitShares has nothing that even comes close to the quality of this message board.

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Definitely agree with you there, the bitshares forum is a little cringeworthy at times…

Personally, I am ambivalent about BTS.

  1. It’s another “me-too!” blockchain.
  2. I have been unable to find anyone who can profitably mine. (This is a big deal because there are too many other alternatives that allow a simple or large miner to pull out positive cash flow on other projects right now.)
  3. #1 and #2 are related. Bitcoin is the king of blockchains. Network effect. Familiarity effect. Comfort effect. In addition, new Bitcoin payment channels and transaction channels will allow it to do what all of these other projects are doing…just as fast…with 1,000 to 1,000,000,000 more security.

Am I wrong? Let’s discuss. I always like to have new information!


Well BTS is Proof of Stake not Proof of Work, that’s a big deal. The main reason I see them as doing better is that they have fiat (and other) pegged assets. bitUSD is always equal to 1 fiat dollar within 1-2%. In theory you could load a prepaid debit card and use your crypto at any point-of-sale that processes credit/debit cards. That would be pretty huge for crypto! And yes, they are working on it (check out NanoCard). Also block time is every 3 seconds if I remember correctly, so transactions don’t take 10 min or longer like with Bticoin. Bitshares are going for about a half cent at the moment so if it ever reaches the mainstream it will probably be worth much more. However, NXT gives BTS a run for its money.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with putting < $100 in it and seeing where it stands in 5 or 10 years… If it’s up to a dollar that’s pretty darn good ROI

Just my .02

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oh well. You might be wrong. If you feel that mining is profitable, the point is that you dont need to mine. If you think mining i profitable all you need to do is buy shares and you will get most of that profit.

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Invest in communities, not technologies. Where the good (as you see them) people are - that’s where you put your money. And nobody but you can determine who the good people are. Subjectivity, it’s a b!tch.

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Noted. Mining to me is the canary in the coal mine. Without a strong community of “nodes” and “network participants” the crypto project in question will fail.

In other words, you need to spend it! Gotta spend it, rather than save it.

Pegging dollar with any crypto-currencies will face it’s doom.

They are pretty advanced imo…
Currently 3s block confirmation but Network updates possible with DPOS. (Tested/OK with 1s confirmations)
Extra security over normal staking schemes.
Private and marked pegged assets working.
Multisig accounts with share distribution
etc …

Actually the only thing they need are some good graphs for traders etc …
I think this is what the people expected from the BTS2.0 launch because the market reacted bad…

Personally I’m totally pro after reading their updates etc…

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And I think it’s because people like you thought what you listed above somehow matters and once the big announcement happens the world will be queuing up to buy BS. But the truth is, few people care or need those advanced features.

Recently I noticed BS fans spamming various bitcoin forums (even on those that like MaidSafe have absolutely nothing to do with BS) with links to pages that explain these new features and I thought what the hell is it with those guys. Now i get it - v2.0!

BS is not bad, but it will always remain an altcoin (we know because even though v1.0 wasn’t bad, it didn’t help it escape the stigma). With sidechains out and more improvements (after a period of relative stagnation) on way for bitcoin, I doubt BS will improve its positioning after v2.0.

I think history can prove that gains after enrolling cool features workout, but in crypto-land only for awhile till others arise with newer features etc… Things go so fast and the only money left in the coins is money from real believers and from daytraders which didn’t lose too much till now …


I was actually thinking the same yesterday… Everything is towards Bitcoin yes, but sidechains can bring others under it’s belt…