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I was wondering if it will be possible for clients to subscribe to shared or public data version-updates, so that the vault groups will automatically push any new versions to subscribers immediately once a chunk is updated without the clients having to continuously poll the data.

The client’s manager group would send an ‘unsubscribe’ message to the vault’s manager group the moment the client would log off or disconnect to prevent unnecessary transmissions.

This feature would make the network a lot more suitable for real-time applications, and would probably reduce overall bandwidth load since polling would not be necessary. If it’s already planned, great! If not, I hope this will be considered. :slight_smile:


Yes we have looked at this and after launch its another area to consider. It requires a different cache mechanism called deterministic cache. So for changing data (say twitter feed) the nodes holding the data can push out in a deterministic way cache copies. So they all copy 1 hop and if that’s not enough it goes one more and so on. The original holders know the hop count of this cache and when an update happens they can push the update Xhops knowing it will update all cached copies.

Then the subscriber/broadcast mechanism can broadcast the message out these hops and the outer edges can send the message to subscribers. The deterministic cache holders can tell they are sending to too many subscribers so they request a cache size increase, the original holders then push this 1 hop further (halving the subscribers to be sent by each node) and so on. There are a couple of nuances (like confirmation a node is really working to hard and not requesting cache for laziness (it balances out anyway)) but fundamentally yes this is all very doable.


Okay, great!

I must say, tomorrow I’m registered on this forum for 8 months. In the earlier months I was still rather sceptical about MaidSafe. I’m the kind of headstrong guy that usually trusts his own judgement more than someone else’s, and at first I expected you guys to probably have glared over some critical flaws in the plan.

Over time, as I absorbed more of the documentation and read, started and participated in technical discussions on this forum, that scepticism faded away more and more. Since more recent times my opinion (as a young software engineer) is that you really know what you are doing, and no newcomer is going to think of something in mere weeks or even months that you forgot. Despite it’s complexity due to synergy of multiple advanced features, this is probably one of the most well thought-out software projects in the decentralization and crypto sphere at this time.

MaidSafe is one of my major interests in my life now. I’m getting more excited about it by the week, usually thanks to posts like that one. So, thank you for all your hard work and passion!


Yes, totally. A constant stream of impressive features, surpassed only by the quality and depth of responses to questions and challenges about the idea. I’m also a software engineer (somewhat old in my case!), and agree completely with you @seneca.

Again “me too”. I wasn’t sure how much time I could offer the project when David asked if I’d be interested in moderating the reddit, but it is compelling and I am doing my bit here and there and on twitter literally every day, and I see others doing the same with their “bit”, in all sorts of ways.

We’re a great greater team too! :slight_smile:


Me three as another software engineer of medium age! :wink:


And thanks specifically for your excellent moderation on this forum, Mark.

    1. yes, it is to be commended - nice light touch, let’s arguments speak for themselves and keeps off-topic, off topic. i’ve had many a skirmish ideologically but the evidence leads me to believe there are some underlying qualities and ethics at work that I admire . (i say “the evidence leads me believe” as opposed to “i intuitively Know”:
      a) because intuition is sometimes helpful but often misleading and tt would therefore demean my compliment.
      b) because I’m a dick and can’t help having a poke…lol
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I love you too @Al_Kafir, no really I do. Intuitively I know you are the guy I need to help me paint my boat ;-). I’m glad you can appreciate my presence, because we have gone head to head a few times and I’d hate that to get in the way. I’m glad neither of us allow that. I appreciate you too, always alert and ready to engage in debate.

Thanks @fergish, I’m glad the forum is full of such great people, and you guys really don’t leave me much moderation to do, and I love reading all your thoughts and insights so win win.


Changed title to be more on-topic…


I love MaidSafe :slight_smile:

Would it be possible at some point to have (small) SafeCoin rewards on providing from the cache? That would solve the problem of nodes requesting caching out of laziness. They’d only do it that once they can’t handle the load themselves anymore.

Also, once MaidSafe becomes more and more popular, I think we should expect more and more of the “hot” data being cached. If routing/caching is not rewarded, it might discourage new farmers, since they’d immediately have to take on the full load of routing/caching while their vaults will initially be nearly empty and thus their earnings very low.


that’s a great thought!