How to I send my Maidsafecoins from Ledger nano S to another bitcoin wallet?

So I have a Legder nano S HD wallet ( uses BTC adress) that I sent just a small test amount of 1 Maidsafecoin to.
Does anyone know how to send the maidsafecoin to another bitcoin adress from a Ledger? I do not have access to my private key as is it can not be showed on a Ledger nano HD wallet.

And when I try to send anything from my Ledger it of course only recognize that I have BTCs on there and no Maidsafecoins. But Ive checked and saw that the 1 maidsafecoin is in there for sure. But now I cant get it out…

Any ideas?


I have an old topic on moving MaidsafeCoins from Ledger. You might want to check it out.

I own one of those wallets.
I hope I am wrong, for the sake of your coins, but the very point of having a hardware wallet is to secure the keys. They should never leave the chip by design.

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Hey, thanks for the reply!

Some good info for sure.

I think I shot myself in the foot with this one. Luckely it was just 1 maidsafecoin. It mostly at this point just annoying knowing its in there, and showing up in my balance, knowing I can never access it. I might swipe the ledger clean and do a new setup.

Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.

While this won’t help with your ledger wallet, you can do offline storage and signing of Omni assets with Armory wallet.

Unfortunately Armory isn’t well supported, but if you have an offline computer that can run it, it could be a good option for very secure offline storage of MaidSafeCoin that can fairly easily be transacted without sending a private key to Omniwallet.

You can retrieve it pretty easily. There is a bip39 tool that you can download from GitHub, run on offline computer, enter your recovery phrase, and see all the derived addresses and private keys. Search for ‘ledger restore without nano’ or something like that. I can did up the link for you if you can’t find it.
For 1 MAID it may not be worth it if you have other crypto stored on it, as it puts your keys at some degree of risk (normally they stay hidden inside the Nano)

Edit: here’s the link

To be clear, you’d then import the appropriate private key into an Omni wallet

Edit 2: hey, I recognize that picture! :slight_smile:


Just be sure to consider that HD wallet not secure after putting those words on the Internet so remove all other value first and after successfully getting your MAID I’d make a new fresh wallet on your ledger.

Looks like the OMNI team is looking into hardware wallets:

They have some time until Safecoin goes live :slight_smile:

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